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According to the owner of the establishment, the fact happened yesterday morning (19), in the Coophavila neighborhood.

Security camera image print shows the moment when the policeman assaults a convenience customer (Photo: reproduction / video)
Security camera image print shows the moment when the policeman assaults a convenience customer (Photo: reproduction / video)

Security camera images captured the moment when a military police officer attacked a customer who was in front of the convenience and tobacco shop Amarelinho, located on Rua da Praia, in the Coophavilla II neighborhood, in Campo Grande. The case happened yesterday morning (19).

The video also shows when the policeman returns alone and starts breaking beer bottles and the hookah, which belonged to the establishment and was rented to customers. According to Karen Ribeiro, one of the owners of the convenience store, the object had just been purchased and cost R$1,500.

Disgusted with the situation, the trader explained that the police arrived in the morning, there were some customers at the scene and one of the men ended up being slapped in the face by one of the military. “He only said that he was a worker and was assaulted by the policeman. Nobody was doing anything wrong. So much so that none of them were taken to the police station,” she said.

Video scene that shows a policeman breaking the establishment's hookah (Photo: reproduction / video)
Video scene that shows a policeman breaking the establishment’s hookah (Photo: reproduction / video)

Karen questions why the policeman acted this way. “Do they often break merchants’ work equipment? If it was in another bar, somewhere else, would they act this way? Is that right? Break something that was bought with so much sacrifice?”

She was so irritated by the episode that she even went to the PM battalion, in the same neighborhood, to complain and try to solve it, but it was worse. “They made fun of my face,” she lamented.

The merchant guarantees that she has a permit to open the establishment during the day. “If there’s something wrong, you can arrest, apprehend, but why act that way?”, she complained.

When questioned, the PMMS (Military Police of Mato Grosso do Sul) informed in a note that “with regard to the images presented, an administrative procedure will be instituted to investigate the circumstances of the fact”. Watch the video below.

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