What time does Pantanal start today; chapter summary (19/06)

A new week begins and for those who don’t want to miss anything from the 21h soap opera, it’s good to keep an eye on what time Pantanal starts today so you don’t miss out on the important events of the feuilleton. In this Monday’s plot (20), Trindade will have a premonition that will make the pedestrians shiver. In addition, among the highlights will be some suspicions from one of Tenório’s children and the recent involvement of Juma and Zé Lucas.

What time does Pantanal start today on TV Globo, Monday (20)?

After Jornal Nacional, at 9:30 pm, Pantanal starts today on TV Globo. The broadcaster’s official schedule indicates that this Monday there will be no time changes in the exhibition of the feuilleton, so it will not be necessary to change anything in your routine. Just turn on your television on Globo at the indicated time or use the “Now on TV” tab on Globoplay to watch the attraction of the channel in real time over the internet without paying anything for it.

In total, this Monday’s chapter will be 1 hour and 5 minutes on the air. Afterwards, the serial will give way to the exhibition of Tela Quente, which will show the film The Day of the Attack, starting at 10:35 pm, featuring Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Monaghan, John Goodman and Kevin Bacon.

Although today there are no changes to the schedule of the Pantanal soap opera, throughout the week fans of the feuilleton will need to turn on the TV earlier. On Wednesday, Pantanal will start about an hour earlier, due to a football match at 9 pm.

Schedule for every day of the week – June 20 to 25, 2022

Monday (20): starts at 21:30 and ends at 22:35

Tuesday (20): starts at 21:30 and ends at 22:35

Wednesday (20): starts at 21:20

Thursday (20): starts at 9:30 pm and ends at 10:35 pm

Friday (20): starts at 21:30 and ends at 22:35

Saturday (20): starts at 21:25 and ends at 22:30

soap opera swamp schedule
What time Pantanal starts today will not change. Changes only happen on Wednesday – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

Summary – What will happen in this Monday’s chapter

According to the summary provided by TV Globo, in today’s chapter, some emotions will mark the small screens. José Lucas will criticize Jove to Juma and the Velho do Rio will reprove him. Filó will show Muda that he doubts Juma’s love for Jove. José Leôncio’s youngest son will tell his father that he may not be the right person to run the cattle king’s business.

Among the tense moments of the episode, Trindade tells Tibério that he sees death fall on José Leôncio’s house. A possible cause of the possible tragedy is José Lucas’ interest in Juma, which has become an obsession.

Maria Bruaca goes to look for Alcides, who will deny to Guta that he is having an affair with her mother. Juma will not like Irma’s insinuations about José Lucas. Guta will think about sending Alcides away. Marcelo will listen to Tenório talking about Guta with Zuleica.

Renato will question his father’s motives to hide family

In addition to what has already been pointed out that will be shown in this Monday’s chapter, a conflict in Tenório’s second family will also happen. Renato will consider to the brothers that Tenório might be ashamed of him for being black. The hypothesis will be raised, since Maria Bruaca’s husband does not assume the children and wife he has in São Paulo.

Youngest son of the couple, Roberto will suggest to Zuleica that his mother pressure Tenório to make a choice between the wives. For those who don’t remember, Tenório kept the family hidden for years, but Maria Bruaca secretly overheard a conversation between Guta and Tenório and thus discovered that her husband had been cheating on her for a long time.

In recent chapters of the attraction, Maria Bruaca has pressured Tenório to get her husband to leave his second wife:

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