Why do São Paulo and Palmeiras have different accounts of the overall history of Choque-Rei?

São Paulo and Palmeiras face each other at Morumbi, at 8 pm (GMT), for the closing of the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship.

This Monday (20), Sao Paulo and palm trees face each other at Morumbi, at 20:00 (Brasília time), for the closing of the 13th round of the Brazilian championship.

After the match, the sports fan follows the complete repercussion in the Pass Lineat 22:00 (Brasília time), with Live broadcast for the ESPN at the Star+.

If they manage to win at their rival’s house, Verdão will tie Choque-Rei’s overall record… But only on Tricolor’s accounts!

After all, Palmeiras and São Paulo do not agree when it comes to the number of victories, draws and defeats of each in one of the most traditional classics of São Paulo and national football.

See how each one’s accounts are:

Sao Paulo numbers

335 games
113 Sao Paulo wins
112 Palmeiras wins
110 draws

Palmeiras numbers

329 games
113 Sao Paulo wins
109 Palmeiras wins
107 draws



With 69%, Palmeiras de Abel Ferreira leads the championship with 25 points, 3 more than the second-placed Corinthians; the alviverde team still has the best attack (23 goals) and the best defense (7 conceded), with a positive balance of 16

There is difference of 6 games between São Paulo and Palestine statistics.

This is primarily because Tricolor does not count games valid for the Tournament Home do Paulistão, a former competition held in a single day between 1919 and 1958, with five special editions in 1969, 1984, 1986, 1991 and 1996.

However, the biggest difference happens because Palmeiras counts games only from the refoundation of São Paulowhich took place in 1935.

The Tricolor itself for a long time had two “foundation dates”being 1930 and 1935.

At the end of 2016, however, there was a change of statute in the Morumbi club, which started to consider only January 25, 1930 as its official date of foundation.

In other words: curiously, if Palmeiras win this Monday’s Choque-Rei, they will tie the general record only in the accounts of São Paulo.

To equalize the numbers in their own statistics, Verdão would still need more time, since they would have three more triumphs to reach the rival’s 113.

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