Woman comes home after a day at work and finds a bear living there – News

Shannon Davis just wanted to go home after a day of work, but she had a strange surprise: inside the residence, there was a bear and he was apparently comfortable and happy with his new home.

The unexpected meeting took place on Monday (13), in Winsted, United States. Before finding the bear, Shannon says that she thought it was strange that her cat was outside the house, looking a little scared out the window.

“Then I saw a shadow pass through the window,” she told WFSB-TV. The huge bear had entered right through the window of the house. Luckily for her, the animal was the quiet type and didn’t destroy the entire house.

“There was a lollipop stuck to the rug. He also touched a lunch tray, but that was all,” Shannon said.

She called a neighbor, and the two of them made enough noise to scare the bear away, which came out the back door.

According to the US Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, occurrences involving bear encounters have increased by about 20% from last year.

Authorities point out that bears often invade homes in search of food and that it is therefore essential to store food well to keep the animals away.

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