Woman donates BRL 60 to charity and ends up winning BRL 22 million mansion

After making a donation to charity worth 10 pounds, equivalent to R$60, a woman was drawn and won a house worth R$3.5 million pounds (R$22 million, at the current price). 71-year-old Susan Havenhand’s new home is located in the Cotswold, England and is about 2 hectares in area.

Susan won the award for Omaze, a platform that raffles off travel and real estate for those who donate to nonprofit organizations. The elderly woman’s donation took place on the 5th of this month, after having seen the advertisement of an organization that welcomes and helps animals.

“When we got the call saying we had won, my husband was convinced it was a scam. He was so sure of it that he told me to hang up and go to the bar with him,” the woman revealed.

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The story was only confirmed by the couple’s daughter when she received an Omaze team at the family’s residence, while Suzan and her husband were traveling. “I was stunned. I went straight to celebrate with John. We bought drinks for everyone at the bar, since now we could afford it”, she celebrated.

Cinema room, kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment, heated pool, tennis court, 6 bedrooms, as well as sauna and gym are some of the equipment that the residence has in its almost thousand square meters of built area.

Along with the mansion, Susan’s family also received £50,000. If they wish, the new owners can rent or sell the house if they want.

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