6 electronics and accessories for those who enjoy adventures in nature | Which one to buy?

Nature lovers can purchase electronics and accessories to help them enjoy adventures. Products such as smartwatches, speakers and portable chargers are interesting to make trails more fun and to help with camping, for example. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a smart watch that can monitor heartbeats for values ​​from R$ 1,318.

The JBL Clip 4 is a speaker that comes with a carrying handle and is sold for around R$299. Another option is the Geonav PB20KBK, a 20,000 mAh power bank that features a compact size and an LED charge indicator for prices start from R$ 257. See below six electronics for those who enjoy adventures in nature.

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List brings together 6 electronics and accessories for those who enjoy adventures in nature — Photo: Thássius Veloso/TechTudo

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Portable chargers, better known as power banks, are devices capable of recharging electronics with a USB port. It can be interesting for long trips where there are not many outlets available. The accessory is a good alternative for not leaving devices such as smartphones, cameras and speakers without battery. It can also come in handy when users forget to recharge an electronic device and end up leaving the house anyway.

The Geonav PB20KBK, for example, features compact size in a design with two USB and one USB-C ports. The manufacturer promises fast charging and the device supports up to 20,000 mAh battery. In addition, it has a charge indicator developed in LED. It features Android and iPhone (iOS) compatibility. The model is seen for values ​​from R$ 257.

Geonav PB20KBK features a 20,000 mAh battery — Photo: Disclosure / Geonav

The Anker PowerCore Select features a charging support of up to 10,000 mAh. The bottom of the product hosts two USB connection ports, which promise compatibility with a number of devices. The model sells for around R$ 279.

GPS is closely associated with automobiles, but the device can also be found in a compact, autonomous design. Navigation via maps or routes gives the user the advantage of knowing exactly where he is and how to calculate the course to reach the intended destination. Also, as an electronic, the object is programmed to suggest the best available route, an important feature for avoiding dangerous roads, for example.

The Bryton Rider 420E has a suitable support for fitting on bicycles, which helps in the performance of the sport. The device’s signal is compatible with five different satellites, which promises extreme accuracy to find accessible routes. The battery promises autonomy of up to 35 hours, while the screen display allows clear viewing even under sunlight. The device also offers an advanced tracking function with Turn-by-Turn technology, which provides updated information as the user progresses along the route. The device is sold for prices starting at R$ 999.

Bryton Rider 420E is a GPS that has a bike mount — Photo: Disclosure / Bryton

The Garmin eTrex 10, on the other hand, promises an anatomical grip, ideal for users who intend to hold it for hours at a time. The map displayed on the display can be switched between black and white and color design which shows more detail. The model brings functions such as GPS, distance traveled and calories lost for about R$ 1,480.

Smart watches, better known as smartwatches, bring several interesting features for adventurers. The main features include reading the body’s vital signs such as heart rate, blood oxygen level and number of steps. For example, during a walk, the electronic would not only show the time and date, but important analysis about the user’s body.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 connects to the cell phone via Bluetooth to save the collected data. In addition, it is possible to change the watch’s display theme, such as colors, or between digital and analog mode, in addition to allowing access to social networks, payments by approximation, calculator, language translation assistant and GPS location. This option is found for around R$1,318.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 shows users’ heartbeats — Photo: Thássius Veloso/TechTudo

While the Garmin Solar Black Graphite, in addition to having similar specifications to the Samsung model, also reads the intensity of sunlight and has assistance modes for sports activities such as running, cycling and hiking. In addition, it contains GPS systems, step counting, and a battery life of 50 hours. The finish was developed to the US military standard for thermal, shock and water resistance. The device is found for values ​​that start from R$ 2,528.

The speakers are interesting for enjoying fun music and listening to the radio. The most modern boxes can connect to almost any other device via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and even a USB cable, which makes it easy to play playlists on your cell phone.

The Anker SC Icon Mini offers a nylon carrying handle. The compact design features the dimensions of 7 x 9 cm, while the surface features a medium shade of orange and water resistance technology. With a battery life of eight hours, the device allows wireless stereo stopping via Bluetooth, but also provides USB connection with other devices. The hardware provides a speaker designed to reproduce passive bass at a power of 3 W, but which promises to be heard up to 20 meters away. The box is found for figures from R$ 159.

Anker SC Icon Mini offers a carrying handle — Photo: Disclosure/Anker

The JBL Clip 4 has a blue design and a short handle for carrying the device. The body of the item guarantees three buttons on the front, two for volume control and another for playing songs. On the back side, you can find a power key and another to activate wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. The bottom offers a single USB port for wired connection to other devices. The equipment promises ten hours of battery life, water resistance and a power of 5 W for about R$ 299.

Flashlights are essential for any adventure in nature, whether for a simple walk or for camping. Therefore, it is interesting to take a rechargeable flashlight, as the battery life is usually much higher than conventional models that use batteries. In addition, it is also possible to configure the brightness intensity, which can help to save battery and even recharge it with the help of the power bank, for example.

The Litwod flashlight features aluminum finish, a metal that does not rust and promises a long lifespan for the item. The product also comes with a carrying case and a short USB cable for power. The body of the flashlight offers a clip to securely attach the item to clothing, something useful during long walks when the sun has not yet set and the use of the flashlight is not necessary, for example.

The lamp provides an illumination of 2,000 lumens and a focus adjustment to improve the visualization of objects. Its differential is the three possible modes of use, being a continuous light, flash and side. The battery has a charging force of 750 mAh and the model starts at R$ 25.

Rayovac flashlight offers body with anatomical footprint — Photo: Disclosure/Rayovac

The Rayovac flashlight offers an ABS plastic finish and a body with an anatomical footprint. The top of the product has a power button and a switch to change the charging voltage between 110V and 220V. The bottom of the body has a two-pin retractable socket for recharging the item. The lamp has an LED light of 22 lumens and a battery life of up to 28 hours. The device is available for prices starting at R$ 71.

The armband can be very useful in the absence of pockets to carry your cell phone during a walk or trail. In addition, some models also offer zippered pockets, which is interesting for storing other items, such as documents or even headphones. In addition, they can protect the cell phone from rain splashes and provide greater versatility and mobility when listening to music.

Lucky Amazonia offers a transparent screen for better viewing of the cell phone, while the pocket to store it promises space for almost all smartphone models available on the market today. The cuff is wide and can be easily fitted to the arm by a lightweight fabric strap, which fits into horizontal slots. The accessory still contains small holes on the top and bottom for the headphone output. There is also a space for storing keys and can be purchased for around R$14.

The H Maston armband works as a kind of bag — Photo: Disclosure/H Maston

The H Maston Yb-04 fits on the arm using a nylon fabric and secures the ends with an adhesive velcro. The device features two zipper pockets. The larger one is suitable to accommodate the cell phone and has a specific output for headphones, while the smaller one is used to store small objects, such as keys or money. The skin contact fabric is padded, which promises maximum comfort to the wearer during use. It is sold for prices starting from R$ 37.

Best-selling electronics on Amazon Brazil in 2022

Best-selling electronics on Amazon Brazil in 2022

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