After BBC investigation, Chinese man is arrested accused of spreading racist videos with African children

  • Peter Jegwa
  • Lilongwe, Malawi

Lu Ke
photo caption,

Cameraman Lu Ke claims to have produced the videos to spread the culture of China

Police have arrested a Chinese cameraman on charges of racism and exploitation of children from Malawi in southeastern Africa. Lu Ke was living in the country when the BBC’s Africa Eye program revealed he used local children for personalized congratulatory videos, many with racist content in a language they don’t understand.

These videos were sold for up to R$350 on social media platforms in China.

The accused denies that he produced videos with degrading content, and claims that he produced them in order to spread Chinese culture in the local community.

But in one of them, for example, a group of children is instructed by the cameraman to repeat in Mandarin racist slurs such as “I’m a black monster! I have a low IQ.”

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