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Ever since she was defeated in court by Johnny Depp last week, actress Amber Heard has seen her situation take a turn for the worse. In addition to having to pay her ex-husband $8 million — money that she has already said she doesn’t have — Amber also suffers from a very strong campaign on the internet to have it removed from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomcontinuation of Aquaman. She plays Mera, the girlfriend of the DC Comics superhero.

At this very moment, a petition is running on social media that, in a very aggressive way, asks for people’s collaboration. By the time of writing, more than 4.5 million signatures had already been collected. The goal is to reach 6 million, a number large enough to influence Warner to drop the actress from the film. The campaign had already been going on for several weeks, but intensified with the result of the court.

This new Aquaman feature has already been filmed and we know, thanks to the testimony of a Warner executive during the trial, that Amber’s participation has been reduced, but not entirely eliminated until now. The actress said in court that the studio wanted to take her out of the final version, but that she herself fought hard to stay, albeit with less screen time. Officially, the actress will appear less in the film because, according to Warner, she has not shown chemistry with Jason Momoa, who plays the superhero.

Last week and this, some insiders released the information that Warner would already be decided to completely delete Amber’s participation in the film. The studio has yet to officially confirm this, but a statement on the matter is expected within a few days.

Whether cut or not Aquaman 2, the fact is that, after her defeat, the actress has her career well compromised. And this DC Comics movie already shows that clearly. Apart from this petition, Amber has suffered several assaults and all kinds of harassment on social media. She is called a profiteer, manipulator, liar and so on. A lot of people say they won’t watch the movie if Amber stays in the story. As you can see, it will be very difficult for the actress to recover her image to the point that the studios will hire her again.

It is not up to here to judge the court’s decision, but one cannot help but notice that public opinion and the “judgment” of social networks were largely in favor of Johnny Depp. Undoubtedly, this influenced the outcome of American justice. It seems pretty obvious from the evidence presented by both sides that there was mutual aggression and mistakes on both sides. But the biggest weight of the law fell on Amber, who now sees her life falling apart.

At this point, it doesn’t even matter whether or not Warner will cut Amber from Aquaman 2. Nor does it matter the number of signatures on the petition. The truth is that Amber is already duly canceled by public opinion, which seems to want the blood of the actress. Just losing to Depp wasn’t enough.

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