Casimiro praises Joel Carli after Botafogo’s epic victory in Beira-Rio: ‘Draymond Green of Brazilian football’

in their traditional lives that pierce the dawn, the streamer Casimiro reacted to the comeback victory of Botafogo over Internacional by 3-2 this Sunday, in Porto Alegre, and highlighted Joel Carli. The Argentine captain returned to start against São Paulo and, with him on the field, Glorioso won two in a row.

Casimiro praised Carli’s leadership and compared the Argentine sheriff’s style on the field to Draymon Greenpivot of the Golden State Warriorswho just won the NBA.

– Carli is really cool. Carli is not the fastest, the most technical, but he has a bizarre grandeur, he has carte blanche to say whatever he wants with the referee. It looks like the Draymond Green of Brazilian football. He says what he wants. He tells the judge to take his ass, and the judge: “Carli, calm down!”. That’s important to have – said Casimiro, who also made an observation about Kayque in the winning goal bid:

– In this ball, Kayque turns on the “nitro”, it’s crazy! The madman runs to hell!

O streamer, a Vasco fan, also didn’t miss the refereeing issue. Botafogo was badly harmed early on, with a penalty that did not exist and the expulsions of defender Philipe Sampaio and coach Luís Castro.

– Fans can complain whatever they want, but Inter’s complaining about this goal from Mercado (disallowed for offside) is a dirty trick… What the referee did with Botafogo was a dirty trick. He ended the game with six minutes! Inter’s second goal comes out because he gives Inter a goal kick, and it was a corner for Botafogo. I watched the whole game, it was for Inter to crush, Botafogo was angry with the referee – recalled Casimiro Miguel.

Watch the video of Casimiro reacting to Internacional 2×3 Botafogo:

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