Elon Musk confirms 10% layoff of Tesla employees

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, announced on Tuesday (21) that he will lay off 10% of the company’s employees in the next three months. The reason, according to the billionaire, is the high probability of recession in the United States.

The confirmation took place during the Qatar Economic Forum, organized by Bloomberg. Earlier this month, an email from the billionaire was released by Reuters, in which he cited his intention to lay off 10% of employees and demanded an immediate halt to hiring at all Tesla factories around the world.

According to Musk, the cuts will be applied only to salaried professionals, who correspond to about 3.5% of the total number of employees. The company should also increase the number of workers per hour in relation to those with a fixed salary, as emphasized by the CEO.

Elon is also being sued for cryptocurrency pyramid scheme (Source: Angela Weiss / AFP / G1 / Reproduction)Elon is also being sued for cryptocurrency pyramid scheme (Source: Angela Weiss / AFP / G1 / Reproduction)Source: G1

The “bad feeling” about the market, cited by Musk in the email, follows falls in stock markets and the technology market, accompanied by high inflation. Thus, it is possible that the international financial scenario will face some volatility in the coming months.

Controversies with employees

Former Tesla employees sued the company for “mass layoffs”, violating federal law, as they had prior notice. The lawsuit was filed last Sunday (19), by two former employees fired in June in Sparks, Nevado, in the United States, with another 500 employees.

Elon Musk was still criticized by SpaceX employees in the last week. In an open letter, the professionals said that the billionaire as the face of the company brought “distraction and embarrassment” and that each tweet published by the CEO was “fatefully a public statement by the company”.

After the letter was published, at least five employees who participated in the declaration were fired. According to the company, the justification for the layoffs was that the letter made the other workers feel “uncomfortable, intimidated, threatened and/or angry because the letter pressured them to sign something that did not reflect their opinions”.

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