Fame came and money? Mason’s Glove still lives in the same house

After an outburst and withdrawal from social networks, fans began to raise hypotheses behind the Iran Ferreira revolt, o Luva de Pedreiro. In addition to questioning the relationship of Allan Jesus, the influencer’s manager, with the young man, fans also wonder why Iran continues to live in the same simple house in the interior of Bahia or even the reason the house has never been renovated. , despite its success.

In a report published in Esporte Espetacular, on TV Globo, the young man showed a little of the reality in which he lives. Working since the age of 7, Iran helped with care at home while her father went to work on a farm. Weeding the land, taking care of the animals and taking care of the family’s simple residence was the life that Luva de Pedreiro learned to live.

However, by exploding on social media, Iran Ferreira achieved the fame that everyone dreams of, closed advertising contracts with major brands such as Amazon and was present at major events, such as the final of the European Club Championship (the Champions League) in Paris, in France. However, something has not changed: the place where the young man records his videos. In the same dirt field and in the same simple house, Iran continues recording its contents.

most recent case

During a live on social media, this Sunday (19/6), he was irritated by the charges he has suffered. Luva de Pedreiro even responded to some followers who commented that he would be altered during the live.

“I stand for my followers. What my followers say to me there… Are you connected? I don’t drink, partner. I’m sane. Are you on? But I want to vent on this shit. I’m sick of it already”, he commented, elated.

“A hug for you there. These days I don’t post a video, no. I’m going to stay there for a while… Are you connected? No posting video. I’m going to cool my head, gee! They’re pissing the guy off. Follow this f*** alone. God and my fans, bro. f*** yourself. The rest is the rest”, added the influencer.

After Luva’s speech, followers began to ask if he was okay, and came to speculate that the young man was dissatisfied with his advisory team and with the businessman. Iran did not respond to speculation.

The LeoDias column called Allan Jesus several times this Monday (20/6) and tried again on the morning of this Tuesday (21/6), but was not answered. Messages on WhatsApp were also not answered by him. The space remains open for future demonstrations.

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