Galvão Bueno detonates referee and VAR and praises Botafogo for victory over Inter: ‘Historical turn, epic’

The program “Bem, Amigos”, from “SporTV” discussed the impressive victory of the Botafogo by 3 to 2 over the International, on Sunday, in Beira-Rio. The alvinegro team turned the game around even with one less player and was praised by the presenter Galvão Buenowhich on the other hand detonated the arbitration.

– Historic turn, epic. I’m sorry about the fight, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen such a bad performance by a referee. how the VAR see this, ball hits the chest, throws the arm back. It’s the Philipe Sampaio is still expelled. I wanted, CBF, listen to the audio of the VAR’s conversation with the referee. The penalty he gave was not, what he did not give. Botafogo’s turnaround is heroic, historic, to be marked. Mano (Menezes) was undefeated for 14 games, he lost, but the team is doing well. It was the best game of the round – highlighted Galvão, who questioned the role of the referee in the confusion after the game.

– And the summary? VAR has all these images, you can see it and warn the referee. It is very difficult for the referee to locate, but what is the VAR doing? PC (Oliveira) said that not only can, but must. It was supposed to be expelled while still in the field. I imagine it must be difficult for the head of the Savio (Pereira Sampaio)because it was very bad, but the VAR has been doing badly.

Caio Ribeiro and Cleber Machado also complained about the referees.

– It is not by chance that we don’t have any VAR representative in the World Cup – summarized Caio.

– I am frightened by the insistence on some names. Savio Pereira Sampaio and Rafael Traci were the referees. We never referee games, but we’ve seen games on television. At first I thought I had to give a discount, because watching it on TV is different. But it’s too much – criticized Cléber Machado.

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