Goat is born with super long ears and can enter the Guinness Book

About two weeks ago, Simba, a goat, was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and the newborn arrived in the world to attention.

And what has attracted the eyes of his tutor and also the Guinness Book are his immense ears, measuring 19 inches (about 48 cm). They are so long that they drag on the ground when you walk.

“We hope that Simba will soon be a Guinness World Record holder,” Muhammad Hassan Narejo, owner of Simba, told the Daily Mail.

The goat was born on a goat farm called Nagra Farm, the breeding of these animals is very common in Pakistan – in part because they are suited to the varied terrain.

And among so many goats, Simba could become a world record holder, as there are currently no animals of this species in the Guinness Book for having long ears – but there are dogs that hold the same honor.

Simba is of the Nubian breed and these animals tend to have even larger ears than a ‘common’ goat. The ears serve to help these animals stay cool in hot temperatures – in summer Pakistan can reach up to 47°C.

But the cause of Simba’s ears being overly elongated could be the result of a genetic mutation or a genetic disorder.

And as long as they are, it seems that he adapted very well to them. And without a doubt you will have a nice refreshment in the high temperatures of summer.

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