Goose refuses to leave the place where he last saw his mate

A goose has thrilled residents of Don Mills, Toronto, Canada, especially those who frequent a chain of stores called CF.

The animal lives in a square near the region and used to walk along the sidewalks with its female companion. But one of those tours didn’t end well.

The goose was hit by a car and since then the male continues to return to the place to see if he can find it again, he doesn’t understand that she’s gone and keeps hoping to see her again.

A photo recounting the goose’s plight was shared on Twitter on June 9.

According to the author of the publication, an expert in animal behavior, he was heading to the scene to help the goose cope with the loss.

“He lost his partner and so he is depressed and sad. I actually cried,” Sayad Rasulnezhad, an LCBO employee, told Global News.

Geese tend to stay with the same partner for the rest of their lives, so losing a mate is definitely a difficult time for the male who can’t get over grief.

“I think he should be looking for a mate, and we should help him,” said Tobias, a CF store customer.

Specialists and staff at the mall that is located near the crash site hope the bird will get over the loss and find another mate.

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