Hong Kong’s famous floating restaurant sinks in the South China Sea – News

The Jumbo floating restaurant, a former Hong Kong tourist attraction, sank in the South China Sea (south) just a week after leaving the international financial center, its owner company said on Monday.

The 76-meter-long, 2,300-guest floating giant capsized off the Paracel Islands on Sunday after “encountering adverse conditions” and began taking on water, group Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises said in a statement.

“The water depth at the site is around 1,000 meters, making it extremely difficult to carry out rescue work,” the company said, noting that it was “very saddened by the incident” in which none of the crew was injured.

The iconic restaurant, designed like a Chinese imperial palace, has appeared in numerous Hollywood films and has hosted illustrious patrons such as Queen Elizabeth II and actor Tom Cruise.

However, the establishment closed in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which delivered the coup de grace after nearly a decade of accumulated losses worth $12.7 million.

Its last operators, Melco International Development, announced last month that, due to the expiration of its license, the Jumbo would leave Hong Kong and wait for a new operator in an unspecified location.

The restaurant, which opened in 1976, left Hong Kong on Tuesday, leaving a mix of regret and nostalgia among residents of this city, whose status as an international business center is threatened by restrictive management of the pandemic and repression. to dissent.

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