How do beings from other dimensions speak English?

Doctor Strange was born within the borders of the Earth now commonly called the United States of America. Therefore, Strange rarely learned the value of understanding languages ​​other than the English dialect.


But have you ever wondered how interdimensional beings like Dormammu, Mephisto, Shuma-Gorath, etc, speak English? After all, were all these dimensions colonized by the English or is there something you never knew?

I should start by saying that there are technological universal translators in the Marvel Universe (like the one in the image below), which have also been mentioned in the MCU. But magic also has its own ways.

Doctor Strange

It turns out that there is a translation spell, which can be easily activated by mages. This spell allows the mage to communicate with any other being from another realm, dimension, era, with ease.

Strange imbued this spell in his dog, Bats, who doesn’t speak English, but rather the dog dialect, and the spell only translates into human language.

It’s not something that is said, but Strange and/or the other beings from other dimensions certainly have this spell activated at all times so that anyone can understand them, no matter what language they speak.

Course what can you use translation spell for? Stay tuned here at Marvel’s legacy so you don’t miss any news!

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Doctor Strange 2 is part of the call ‘Multiverse Trilogy’ of the MCU, started in WandaVision and continued in spiderman 3! With the departure of director Scott Derrickson, Sam Raimi (from Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man trilogy) has been confirmed as the replacement to direct! The script was by Michael Waldron, who shone in the series Loki!

Check out the film’s synopsis: “Travel into the unknown with Doctor Strange. Who, with the help of mystical allies old and new, traverse the dangerous alternate realities of the Multiverse to confront a mysterious new adversary.”

In addition to Raimi’s return to the Marvel universe, the cast includes Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange), Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda), Benedict Wong (Wong), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Mordo), Rachel McAdams (Christine Palmer) and Xochitl Gomez (America Chavez). ). And bombshell: Patrick Stewart is confirmed and will return as Professor Xavier! The film is already showing in Brazilian cinemas, with sessions in 2D and 3D. Run there to watch! Check out our full review CLICKING HERE!

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