In the first round, the Curitiba City Council approves the impeachment of councilor Renato Freitas

The Curitiba City Council (CMC) approved in the first round the cancellation of the mandate of councilor Renato Freitas (PT). 25 councilors voted in favor of the impeachment and another 7 were against the loss of PT’s mandate. The trial session took place this Tuesday (21) and for the cassation to be confirmed it needs to be approved by at least 20 votes also in the second round that is scheduled to take place this Wednesday (22).

The cassation process is the result of five representations filed against Renato Freitas, of similar content, in which the councilor is accused of breach of parliamentary decorum by participating, on February 5, in a demonstration against racism and in protest of the murders of Moïse Kabagambe and Durval Teófilo Filho.

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On May 11, the Parliamentary Ethics and Decorum Council (CEDP) understood, by 5 to 2 votes, following the opinion of the rapporteur Sidnei Toaldo (Patriot), that Freitas exercised leadership in the act, disturbed the religious cult and carried out a political act inside the Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos Church.

With the result of today’s vote, the CMC follows the Council’s understanding of the events at the Rosário Church and the seriousness of the conduct attributed to the represented.

The trial session was initially scheduled for May 19, but it was suspended by the Paraná Court of Justice (TJ-PR) for a month, while Judge Patricia de Almeida Gomes Bergonse, from the 5th Public Treasury Court , analyzed a request from Freitas’s defense regarding the procedural repercussion of a racist e-mail against the parliamentarian, whose sender proved to be fraudulent through an anonymization service based in the Czech Republic.


Neither councilor Renato Freitas nor his defense board attended the trial. At the beginning of the work, the president of the CMC, Tico Kuzma (Pros), informed that the holding of the session this Tuesday was questioned by the attorneys of the represented, who pleaded the application of other convening deadlines different from the one applied by the Legislative. Disagreeing with the arguments raised by the defense, the President of the Legislature informed that he strictly followed the Internal Regulations, with the guidance of the CMC Legal Attorney, and maintained this position after Professor Euler (MDB) and Dalton Borba (PDT) insisted on the questioning.

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