Inter and Botafogo summary reports expulsions and punches between players

The pitched battle that marked the end of the match in which the Botafogo beat Inter by 3-2at the Beira-Rio stadium, this Sunday, had a loaded summary. In the document, the referee Savio Pereira Sampaio mentions that David, from Colorado, and Lucas Piazon, from Glorioso, were to blame for the violent behavior at the end of the match and that he was unable to present the red card on the field to the two athletes.

The confusion began shortly after Botafogo made it 3 to 2, already in extra time, with left-back Hugo. Lucas Piazon would have celebrated in front of the hosts’ bench. In the document, Sávio explains what happened. “After the end of the match, player number 17, David Corrêa da Fonseca, from the SC Inter team, hit the head of athlete number 43, Lucas Domingues Piazon. game”, wrote the judge. The summary will now be analyzed by the STJD, which will forward the complaints against all those cited by the arbitration.

On the Inter side, defender Mercado received two yellow cards for a complaint and left the team with one less. The four athletes will be judged by the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD). During the game, two more athletes also left the field early. Philipe Sampaio was sent off right at the start for being a controversial penalty center. In the summary, Sávio Pereira justified the use of the card by the fact that the Botafogo athlete “prevents a clear chance of scoring with intentional use of hand on the ball”.

The move that led to Inter’s first goal of the match provoked yet another exclusion. Dissatisfied with the penalty, Portuguese coach Luís Castro, from Botafogo, was sent off afterwards. Sávio reports that the captain of the Rio de Janeiro team put the refereeing in check by saying that “this is a shame, a shame what you are doing. You ruined the game, it’s shameful.”

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