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Tombstone dedicated to Internet Explorer
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Tombstone dedicated to Internet Explorer

After Internet Explorer was officially retired last week, a South Korean software engineer decided to make a tombstone for the browser.

Jung Ki-young spent 430,000 won to have the headstone made, which has the Internet Explorer symbol and the humorous epitaph: “It was a good tool for downloading other browsers.”

The photo of the tombstone, which was installed in a cafe managed by the engineer’s brother, in Gyeongju, in the south of the country, gained social media. “That’s another reason to thank Explorer, it’s now allowed me to make a world-wide joke,” Jung Ki-young told Reuters.

For the engineer, the Explorer “was a pain in the ass, but I would call it a love-hate relationship because the Explorer itself has dominated an era.” According to him, his customers asked that the sites continue to run well in the browser, which was the default for many years in the South Korean government offices and in many banks in the country.

“I’m sorry he’s gone, but I won’t miss him. So his retirement, for me, is a good death,” he told Reuters.

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