Is it bad to unplug the phone before completing 100% charge?

The cell phone battery is one of the components that still generate doubts in the minds of users. One of them concerns the act of unplugging the cell phone before seeing the charge complete 100%. Whether in a hurry to leave the house or to use the device in an emergency, the action is very common. Is it okay to do this frequently?

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Is unplugging the cell phone from the socket before filling the battery bad?

The question is about the possibility of addicting the device’s battery and compromising its future charging. In this way, it would be as if the smartphone could be unable to charge 100% again. After all, is this true or not? Is it okay to unplug your cell phone early?

First, the battery of current cell phones is made of lithium and its lifespan is measured in cycles. In practice, the duration of a battery counts from its full charge, which represents 1 cycle.

So, charging 50% takes half the life cycle, 25% takes ¼ of the cycle and so on.

There’s no need to worry about “addicting” the battery, that was a thing of the past. Today, unplugging your cell phone early will not damage your battery. This goes for newer devices, as the old ones could suffer from the wrong loading. However, some care still needs to be taken.

Battery usually has 400 safe life cycles

According to experts heard by the website Olhar Digital, the best option is to charge the cell phone whenever the battery is running low. The alert usually appears whenever the load drops below 20%.

However, it is necessary to understand that most cell phones have a long battery life. During at least 400 cycles (100% charges) the battery should not lose efficiency. However, after that, it may be a little less agile to load and the discharge becomes faster.

In practice, it is okay to unplug the cell phone before completing a full charge.

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