Mineiro or Betim? Ronaldo promotes poll and is surprised by the result

Ronaldo was surprised by the preference
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Ronaldo was surprised by the fans’ preference

Ronaldo promoted a poll this Monday night (20) about the fan’s preference in relation to the location of Cruzeiro’s “home” and was surprised by the result. % of the 254 fans who voted chose Betim over Mineiro.

The poll was active for only one minute and took place in the final moments of the live of the majority partner of SAF Cruzeirense, that is, it was not a moment that had a large audience of the fans. Even so, the poll between Betim and Mineiro had 254 votes: 193 chose the proposal for the stadium in the city that is part of the Metropolitan Region of BH and only 61 voted for the Gigante da Pampulha.

Due to this vote, Ronaldo said he was surprised and promised Cruzeiro fans that he will talk more about the subject in a live next Friday (24). According to him, there will be news soon.

“Seventy-six percent? Betim beat Mineiro? Wow, what a surprise! What a surprise! Well, news soon, guys. There’s a lot to happen, good thing. We have a lot to do ahead of us. I can’t tell you everything here. But I’m sure we’re working very hard and we’re going to choose the best option for Cruzeiro fans,” said Ronaldo.

Studio in Betim

The mayor of Betim, Vittorio Medioli (non-partisan), said, in a press conference last Wednesday (15), that he will present to Ronaldo, owner of 90% of shares in SAF do Cruzeiro, a project to build a stadium in PTB neighborhood, 1.5 km from the Partage mall, in the city of Belo Horizonte. Raposa would not need to invest in the work and would receive commercial rights that could be sold.

The stadium would be inspired by the Arena da Baixada, at Atltico-PR, with an estimated capacity of 45,000 fans for games and 52,000 people for concerts. For the mayor, the stadium would be viable only as a space for events and entertainment. No financial feasibility study was presented to the press.

The partnership would be similar to what happens between Palmeiras and WTorre, in So Paulo. “Cruzeiro would have the same properties and rights as Palmeiras at Allianz Parque, an 80% share in the box office and no cost. This is the initial proposal and should be discussed”, said the mayor.

For the construction, the money would come from a public-private partnership of R$ 450 million. The mayor said he had already received businessmen to talk about the project. According to him, a multinational group, whose name was not revealed, would have liked what was discussed with the city hall. However, there is nothing signed.

Medioli said he would meet with Ronaldo “in the coming days” to address the issue.

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