Neymar’s plane makes an unscheduled landing in Boa Vista | Roraima

The plane carrying player Neymar from the USA had to make an unscheduled landing at Boa Vista International Airport, capital of Roraima. His aircraft is stopped on the runway this Tuesday morning (21).

The landing was due to a windshield problem, learns. To avoid issues with pressurization, the aircraft deviated from the original route and landed around 2 am on Tuesday at the city’s airport.

Neymar’s plane stopped at Boa Vsta International Airport — Photo: Ian Freitas/g1 RR

In addition to Neymar, his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi, his sister Rafaella and some friends were on board the plane. All spent the night in Boa Vista and will continue in the next few hours to São Paulo.

Airport servers told g1 that there is information that a jet left São Paulo heading to Boa Vista to pick up the PSG striker returning to the city. The airport did not disclose information about the case and advised looking for the player’s team.

Through the Flight Radar monitoring system, the player’s plane left Las Vegas, passed through Florida, Barbados and then landed in Boa Vista.

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