PS3 on PC: RPCS3 emulator has performance increased by 30% after update

RPCS3 is one of the best options to emulate the PS3 on the computer and now this program is being updated with the AVX-512 patch that increases its performance by 30%, making the game even more satisfying. The novelty was pointed out by the user Whatcookie, who is one of the developers responsible for RPCS3.

According to Whatcookie, the LVVM compiler is able to find the best possible code path with the dedicated instructions via AVX-512. In the developer’s words:

The AVX-512 also adds new mask registers that can optionally be used with EVEX encoded instructions. There are new comparison instructions that generate a mask on the registers as a result of a comparison between vectors. When a mask register is used as an operator and all elements not selected by the mask will be zeroed or leave the existing value in the target register untouched. There are 8 mask registers, through k0 – k7, however only k1 – k7 can be used to mask things, where k0 implicitly behaves as if all elements are selected.

Simply put, the new version brings great improvements to an emulator that already brings high performance, delivering results with 120fps on CPUs like the Intel Alder Lake Core i9-12900K, but the news doesn’t stop there. Soon, AMD Ryzen 7000 chips will also have access to AVX-512 acceleration.

These improvements are mainly provided by the parallel processing of data by the LLVM compiler, which greatly speeds up and takes greater advantage of the hardware used.

If you wish, you can see instructions for installing RPCS3 on your computer here. The emulator is available for Windows, macOS, Linux and FreeBSD.

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