Rueda reports bribery attempt in Santos vs Red Bull Bragantino, for the Women’s Brasileirão

This Monday, the president of the saintsAndres Rueda reported a case of attempted bribery that occurred during the 1-1 draw between Peixe and Red Bull Bragantino, last Sunday, for the Brazilian Women’s Championship.

According to the president, a Santos employee offered, through a Bragantino employee, a sum of money to one of the Massa Bruta players so that a series of situations could occur in the first stage, aiming at profit through sports betting.

The player refused the offer and reported it to her superiors, who communicated to Bragantino’s executive director, Thiago Scuro, with evidence and reports. Employees at both clubs have already been laid off. Rueda chose to keep the names of the accused private.

Andres Rueda stated that the club has already sent a rally to the CBF clarifying the fact and opened a police report. The case will also be sent to the Public Ministry. The club hopes not to suffer any kind of punishment, as it considers itself a victim of the request.

“We are preparing all the material to forward to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and we will not be happy until we find out, not only who was where this came from, but also where this rottenness has reached”, he said.

The president also reported another case in the same match. The fourth referee, Adeli Mara Monteiro, received an envelope in an episode classified by Rueda as “strange”. The executive also called for the investigation of this case.

“The image is public (envelope being delivered). And we passed this image, all this, also to the CBF, to the police, to investigate”, he said.

For the representative, the case may represent the “tip of an iceberg” that, according to him, could explain a lot about Brazilian football.

Released employee version

According to the investigation of the UOL, the official involved in both the accusation of bribery and the delivery of an envelope to the fourth referee is goalkeeper Fabrício de Paula. He, however, denies the Santos president’s version and classified the episode as a “confusion of interpretations”.

“I’ve already sent everything to my lawyer. But I can assure you that I delivered a raincoat to Adeli (fourth referee). And about the athlete, there was a confusion of interpretations… I will always be open for clarification, especially because Santos fired me without even listening to me”, he told UOL.

Professionalization of arbitration

In the midst of the highlights and criticisms, the president of Santos made an appeal to the clubs and the press, asking for the professionalization of arbitration. Despite stating that he does not suspect possible external interests in arbitration decisions, Rueda sees professionalization as necessary.

“At this moment when we are practically putting certain suspicions on the referees, nobody understands. Maybe things start to get a little clearer. There’s something strange going on. What do we ask? our football, the press, clubs, the CBF itself, the federations, to come together and immediately demand the professionalization of arbitration, with investigations of all series of Brazilian football, to determine if any errors that are happening are errors”, he said. .

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