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French President Emmanuel Macron’s political camp won 245 seats in the Legislative Assembly – well below the 289 needed to control Parliament – in elections that ended on Sunday.

The left-wing Nupes got 131 seats, the far-right 89, and the more traditional center party, Les Republicains, 61.

When he was first elected in 2017, Macron was able to easily obtain an absolute majority in the legislature, with 308 deputies, despite his newly created party having no deputy at the time.

Emmanuel Macron waves after voting in the legislative elections this Sunday (19) – Photo: Ludovic Marin/AFP

  • Elections in France: Macron loses majority in the legislature with ‘historic’ defeat and advance of the radical left and right

After a first term in which he ruled with an absolute majority of his party, Macron began his new government weakened.

France: Macron loses absolute majority in parliament

France: Macron loses absolute majority in parliament

Negotiations have already started

French President Emmanuel Macron’s center camp began scrambling on Monday to seek support from parliamentary rivals to salvage part of its reform agenda and avoid political paralysis after voters punished them in a legislative election.

While Macron’s “Ensemble” group secured the largest number of lawmakers in the 577-seat National Assembly, it fell far short of an absolute majority in a vote on Sunday with a very strong performance from an alliance of the left and the far right.

There is no roadmap in France for how things are supposed to play out.

“It’s going to be complicated,” government spokeswoman Olivia Gregoire told France Inter radio. “We are going to have to be creative. What I fear most is that this country will be obstructed,” she added.

Macron himself has not yet commented on the election result.

A key question is whether he will try to strike a coalition deal with the conservative Les Republicains – who have so far rejected that option – or enter into negotiations with opponents on a project-by-project basis.

“We will try to bring others on board with us, especially to convince the few moderates in parliament to follow us,” Gregoire said, adding that Macron was expected to reorganize his government in the coming days.

If no agreement is reached, the euro zone’s second-largest economy will face political paralysis.

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