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Senac Pernambuco launched a public notice with 801 vacancies in free courses. There are 40 programs in the Beauty, Management, Wellness, Aesthetics, Health, Logistics, Technology and Gastronomy segments, covering the cities of Recife, Paulista, Vitória de Santo Antão, Caruaru, Garanhuns, Serra Talhada and Petrolina. Registration starts this Monday (20th) and goes until next Sunday (26th), through the “Consulta de Vagas” tab on the Senac Free Program (PSG) website (

To register for courses, you must meet PSG requirements. Among them, having a family income of up to two minimum wages per person. Students should also be aware of the prerequisites of each course, especially in the improvement courses, which are dedicated to professionals who already work or have worked in each segment. The complete list of courses and requirements can be found in the notice.

Calendar – After the end of registration, the result of those approved will be announced next Monday (27). Enrollment will be carried out in person, at Senac units in each municipality, on the 27th and 28th.

Information – More information can be obtained by calling 0800.081.1688 (Recife), (81) 3372.8250 (Paulista), (81) 3526.7600 (Vitória de Santo Antão), (81) 3727.8259 (Caruaru), (87) 3764.2703 (Garanhuns), (87) 3929.2350 (Serra Talhada) and (87) 3983.7603 (Petrolina).


Senac Pernambuco | Senac Free Program | Notice 18/2022

Registration: online, through the website – tab “Consulta de Vagas”;

– Recife: 0800.081.1688
– Paulista: (81) 3372.8250
– Victory: (81) 3526.7600
– Caruaru: (81) 3727.8259
– Garanhuns: (87) 3764.2703
– Saw Carved: (87) 3929.2350
– Petrolina (87) 3983.7603

– Registration: from June 20 to June 26;
– Disclosure of those approved: June 27;
– Enrollments: June 27th and 28th;

List of courses by city:

Cloud Computing Systems Architecture, Business Intelligence with Power BI, IT Project Management, HTML and CCS – web site creation, Javascript – web interactivity, General Data Protection Law (LGPD), Programming Logic, Agile Methodology, Scrum Methodology, Java Programming, Computer Technician, Cafeteria Attendant, Kitchen Assistant, Bartender, Cook, Waiter, Guidance Techniques, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Personal Image Technician.

Pharmacy Attendant, Application Creator with Flutter, Elderly Caregiver, Quality of Service in Health Services, Receptionist in Health Services, Administration Technician, Teleservice in Health Services.

Victory of Santo Antao
Technical Procedures in Vaccination Room – technologies and innovations

Barber, Emotional Intelligence in Sales, Finance Technician, Massage Therapy Technician, Nursing Technician

Logistics Technician, Occupational Safety Technician

Saw Carved
Assistant hairdresser

Human Resources Assistant, Market Intelligence – big data, Makeup Artist, High Performance Sales, Agile Methodology

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