The 10 series to heat up (even more) your summer

Although we have already been feeling the increase in temperature, only this Tuesday (21) is that the summer knocks on our door. Now that we are slowly starting to return to normality, the Fact-spreaders leaves you 10 series that can accompany you on that trip by car, bus, train, plane, or even on a journey that starts on the couch and… ends on the couch.

The First Lady (HBO Max2022)

Available at HBO Max, The First Lady has the participation of Gillian Anderson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Viola Daviswho wear the skin of Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford and Michelle Obama, respectively. The series tells us a little about what life is like inside the White House, in Washington DC, through the eyes of these three first ladies, considered the most charismatic and emblematic of the United States.

Stranger Things (Netflix, 2016 – present)

The end of the latest season of Stranger Things is just around the corner and, if you haven’t had the opportunity to see this production yet, we believe that this is the right time to make a binge-watching summer. The American science fiction series takes place in the 1980s and begins with the mysterious disappearance of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) and the appearance of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), a young woman with supernatural powers who, along with Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin) and Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), tries to discover the reason behind the various events that have been tormenting the city of Hawkins.

Conversation with Friends (HBO Max, 2022)

The adaptation of the novel by Sally Rooney that names the plot launched in 2017 by hulu account with a total of 12 episodes and follows the relationship of French (Alison Oliver) and bobbi (Sasha lane). Both students in Dublin, the protagonists end up meeting the couple Melissa (Jemima Kirke) and Nick (Joe Alwyn), creating a special bond between the four.

Sunset (Netflix and RTP Play2021 – present)

by Manuel Purity, Rui Melo and Henrique Dias, the comedy series that premiered in the summer of 2021 on RTP get ready for another season this summer. With the participation of actors such as Diogo Amaral, Sofia Sá da Bandeira, Gabriela Barros and Marco Delgado, Sunset tells the family story Linseed Bourbonowner of Sunset Homesteadwhere there is a huge cherry tree, and the necklace of São Cajó, which has been in the family for over 3,500 years.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to discover the secrets of Sunset Homesteadto hear the hits From Jesus cyst and getting to know life in the editorial staff of the magazine Blaze you’re still on time. You can do it either RTP Play and in Netflix.

candy (hulu2022)

Based on real events, the miniseries by hulu has as protagonists Jessica Biel and Melanie Lynskey. The plot recounts the events leading up to the murder of Betty Gore (Lynskey), committed in the 80s by her friend Candy Montgomery (Biel), who had an extramarital relationship with the victim’s husband, which motivated her to commit the crime.

Anatomy of a Scandal (Netflix2022)

The miniseries of Netflix is created by David E. Kelley (author of Big Little Lies) and inspired by the book that names the series by Sara Vaughan. The production follows the process that involves the British minister James Whitehouse (Rupert Friend), accused of rape, and how it was reflected in the apparently perfect family life he had with sophie (Sienna Miller).

The Staircase (HBO Max2022)

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The crime drama available on the platform streaming HBO Max is based on the case of Katheleen Petersonfound dead on the stairs of her home, in North Carolina, in 2001. This case was quite controversial and covered in the media, as the main suspect was the famous author Michael Peterson. In this miniseries, not only the details of the investigation of this murder are revealed, but also the relationship of the family Peterson after the tragic event. The cast includes names like Colin Firth, Toni Collete, Sophie Turner, Olivia DeJonde and Dane DeHaan.

Until life do us part (RTP Play and Netflix2021)

Because summer is also synonymous with weddings, we think that this series by João Tordo, Tiago R. Santos and Hugo Gonçalves and performed by Manuel Purity must be on this list. Until life do us part It has a total of eight episodes and, in addition to the various and different love stories that emerge in each episode, it also focuses on the three generations of the family Passion and how each one of them sees love and interprets the classic phrase “until life do us part“.

Peaky Blinders (Netflix2013 – 2022)

The series centers on post-World War I Birmingham, England, and focuses on the Roma gang. Peaky Blinders, led by Thomas Shelby (Gillian Murphy). The group is expanding its activity throughout England and facing increasingly dangerous situations as the business expands. Peaky Blinders, whose first episode was released in 2013, has now come to an end and is also a great series for a binge-watching summer season, as all seasons are available on the streaming Netflix.

La Casa de Papel: Korea (Netflix2022)

After the success of the Spanish series with the same name, it comes to Netflix the korean version of La Casa de Papel. We return to yet another heist planned and organized by a mysterious figure at the Mint, but this time from Korea, which will take several hostages and join the efforts of the Korean police forces to stop the robbers and the mastermind of the operation. The Korean adaptation will feature Yoo Ji-tae, Jeon Jong-seo, Kim Ji-hoon and Park Hae-soo and has a premiere date set for the June 24th on the platform streaming.

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