Tite remembers Pato’s cavadinha in Grêmio x Corinthians

Tite’s interview with the podcast “Podpah” this afternoon (20) yielded a memory of the times of Corinthians that left the coach uncomfortable in the chair. In October 2013, the São Paulo team then led by the current professional of the Brazilian team was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil after a 0-0 draw in normal time and a 3-2 defeat on penalties against Grêmio.

The most outstanding move of the Corinthians elimination was the last charge, executed by Alexandre Pato. The attacker tried a cavadinha, but the goalkeeper Dida stood still, defended without difficulties and put Grêmio in the semis.

In a book published in 2016, Tite revealed that he called Pato selfish in the dressing room at Arena do Grêmio and said that he had to “mature and become a man”. This Monday, to Podpah, he decided not to repeat the words: “I can’t say what I said to him.”

“I was very angry that time, it was one of the few times… The athlete can make mistakes in different ways, anyway, but it was one of the times that I… but keeping my conscience, everything I said to him I would say now and said in order for him to reflect to be a better professional”, added the coach.

Asked by the presenters if his scolding was in the sense of not “condemning forever” Pato, Tite added: “As long as he didn’t do that anymore”.

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