VAR in Brazil does not work and harms football

The 13th round of the Brasileirão was marked by errors and controversies involving arbitration and VAR. The main episodes took place in Corinthians 1 x 0 Goiás and Inter 2 x 3 Botafogo, but there was also a debatable decision in Fortaleza 1 x 0 América-MG and Coritiba 0 x 1 Athletico. In addition to the uncertainty regarding the video referee’s interference, the lack of discretion of the judges, who interpret similar bids in different ways, drew attention.

At Live from Danilo and Vitãotransmitted by UOL Esporte on Monday (20), journalists Vitor Guedes and Marcelo Hazan received Márcio Chagas, a former FIFA referee, to comment on the controversial moves. According to Chagas, the weekend round was “a festival of horrors” for refereeing and VAR today hinders rather than helps Brazilian football.

“It was a festival of horrors and we are only in the 13th round. So there are going to be many more mistakes throughout the competition, there are mistakes happening in every round.”

“I am in favor of the video referee, but the way it happens in Brazil is harmful to football, the VAR has not been beneficial at all. As was the attempt of the additional referees a while ago, the video referee has not worked for the time being. nothing in Brazil”, opined Chagas.

Márcio whistled professionally until 2014 and then was referee commentator for the Rede Globo affiliate in Rio Grande do Sul. For the physical education teacher, one of the problems of the current generation of judges is the lack of experience in the world of the ball.

“The criteria are not uniform, they have a different weight depending on the location, and unfortunately this process of football’s elite also happens in refereeing. field, they whistle with the book under their arm, they don’t have the baggage of the floodplain and the language of the players.”

“The players themselves are tense with the wrong decisions, which do not pass security, and lead to emotional imbalance. It’s a player sent off, coach sent off, manager who comes to the public to talk nonsense, because it goes to passionality. VAR in Brazil doesn’t work because he is worse and hinders the field referee”, stated Chagas.

‘Outsourced whistle’

Márcio Chagas is a former FIFA referee and hung the whistle in 2014 - Tiago Coelho/UOL - Tiago Coelho/UOL

Márcio Chagas is a former FIFA referee and hung the whistle in 2014

Image: Tiago Coelho/UOL

Among the refereeing errors in the round, Chagas highlighted the penalty scored for Inter against Botafogo at the beginning of the game yesterday (19) in Beira-Rio. In the bid, the defender of Glorioso still received a red card, leaving the team with one player less practically the entire match.

The former FIFA referee disagreed with the penalty and highlighted that, on the field, referee Savio Pereira Sampaio had hit it, but changed his mind after being called by VAR. For him, there is an outsourcing of arbitration in Brazil with excessive interference from video referees.

“The penalty for Inter was nothing, the ball hits the belly and then accidentally hits the Botafogo player’s arm, that’s not a penalty. He should have kept what he saw, he didn’t give the penalty and was induced by video referee.”

“He bankrolled the VAR decision and made a double mistake. He omits himself, transfers the decision to VAR and ends up making a double mistake by leaving Botafogo with 10 players and scoring a non-existent penalty. They do not take the decisions and outsource the responsibility”, assessed Chagas .

The next edition of Live from Danilo and Vitão will be on Wednesday (22). You can follow the live on the Channel UOLin the Score app UOLon the UOL Esporte page or on the UOL Esporte channel on Youtube.

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