Wagner 40% x 35% RC; Wagner 44% x 29% Izolda

The pre-candidate of União Brasil for the Government of the State of Ceará, licensed federal deputy Captain Wagner, leads in three of the four scenarios of the Real Time Big Data survey, commissioned by Record TV and released this Tuesday, 21. Each scenario stimulated has a PDT pre-candidate for Palácio da Abolição. When the name is that of the former mayor of Fortaleza, Roberto Cláudio, there is a technical tie: Wagner has 40%, RC, 35%. The margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points.

Who has the second best performance among pedestrians is governor Izolda Cela. With her in the running, Captain Wagner leads with 44%, against 29% for the Chief Executive.

In the scenario in which federal deputy Mauro Filho is the candidate, Wagner achieves 45% of voting intentions, against 19% for the pedetista.

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The biggest difference between the pre-candidates occurs when the name inserted in the list is that of the president of the Legislative Assembly of Ceará, Evandro Leitão. Captain Wagner has the preference of 49% of respondents, while the state deputy has 11%.

In the spontaneous poll, when the names of the pre-candidates are not presented to voters, Deputy Captain Wagner leads with 30% of the voting intentions. Three of the four PDT names appear next. In second place is RC, with 12%. The current governor of Ceará, Izolda Cela, appears third, with 9%. Deputy and former secretary Mauro Filho owns 3%. Evandro was not mentioned. Blanks and nulls added up to 2%. Meanwhile, 44% of respondents could not indicate a name or did not respond.

The Real Time Big Data survey was conducted by telephone, with the participation of 1,500 respondents, between June 18th and 20th. The margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points. The confidence level of the survey is 95% – that is, if the margin of error is taken into account, the probability that the survey result portrays reality is 95%. The survey was registered with the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) under the number CE-02057/2022.

Scene 1

Captain Wagner (Union): 49%
Evandro Leitão (PDT): 11%
Adelita Monteiro (Psol): 3%
Serley Leal (UP): 0%
White/Null: 17%
Don’t Know/Did Not Answer: 20%

Scenario 2

Captain Wagner (Union): 44%
Izolda Cela (PDT): 29%
Adelita Monteiro (Psol): 2%
Serley Leal (UP): 0%
White/Null: 15%
Don’t Know/Didn’t Answer: 10%

Scenario 3

Captain Wagner (Union): 40%
Roberto Cláudio (PDT): 35%
Adelita Monteiro (Psol): 2%
Serley Leal (UP): 0%
White/Null: 13%
Don’t Know/Did Not Answer: 10%

Scenario 4

Captain Wagner (Union): 45%
Mauro Filho (PDT): 19%
Adelita Monteiro (Psol): 3%
Serley Leal (UP): 0%
White/Null: 16%
Don’t Know/Did Not Answer: 17%

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