‘We are in a circus and we are the clowns’

Edminho Pinheiro, president of the Goiás Council, gave an interview to the SportsCentergives ESPN

O Goiás was angry with the 1-0 defeat to Corinthians, last Sunday (19), at Neo Química Arena, for the Brazilian Championship.

Esmeraldino considers that there were two major refereeing errors during the match: the penalty scored in favor of Timão, which resulted in the alvinegra victory goal, and a penalty supposedly not given in favor of the Midwest team – in the bid, the defender Robson Bamboo pull the attacker’s shirt Pedro Raúlbut referee and VAR score nothing.

In an interview with SportsCentergives ESPNthis Monday, the president of the Goiás Deliberative Council, Edminho Pinheirospoke of “scandal” when citing the performance of arbitration in Itaquera.

“I don’t need to talk about what happened, because the images and analysts you looked for saw what a scandal it was…. In fact, another scandal in Brazilian arbitration. It’s very sad. It’s a shame, because you can’t change nothing in Brazil for a long time”, he lamented.

The official revealed that the various arbitration disasters that occurred in the country during the dispute of the 12th round of the Serie A were the main topic of discussion among several top hats between Sunday and this Monday.

In Pinheiro’s view, the small and medium clubs that compete for the national football elite are “clowns” in a “circus”.

“I have discussed this (refereeing) with the people from ‘Futebol Forte’, a group I belong to. I have spoken with Mário (Bittencourt, president of Fluminense), with (president of Athletico-PR Mário Celso) Petraglia, with Sérgio (Coelho, from Atlético-MG). We are in a circus, in which the small and medium (teams) are the clowns”, he said.

“And it’s a pity that we are not clowns like those in the real circus, which are the clowns that make children happy. In our case, we are the real clowns, even in the midst of the most important championship in the world”, he continued. .

“In the main football championship in the world, we have an arbitration that for years, years and years is so disastrous, and that always gets worse. The criterion of privileging the great Brazilian clubs is always prevailing”, he added.

As showed the ESPN.com.br in this Mondaythe pressure on the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) reached extreme levels after Sunday’s disasters, and the Arbitration Commission is preparing changes and reinforcements for the coming days.

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