What object is this? New discovery on Mars leaves NASA intrigued

NASA, the US space agency, last week published an unusual record made by the Perseverance robot on the surface of the planet Mars. In the click, we can simply see a sheet of aluminum foil, lodged between some rocks.

According to the company’s experts, the material is probably part of a thermal blanket, which was used as protection for Perseverance, as it prepared to land on the neighboring planet.

The most curious thing about this record, according to NASA employees themselves, is that the sheet of aluminum foil was found in an area that is approximately 2 km away from the point where the robot made its landing.

NASA’s publication of the photo on social media was accompanied by the intriguing question: “This piece landed here after that [do impacto] Or was it carried away by the wind?” The answer to this question is simple, actually.

The Red Planet’s atmosphere is very thin and basically composed of argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and a tiny amount of oxygen. The winds there can be very intense during the famous sandstorms, causing gusts of over 90 km/h! Have you thought?

Possibly it was during a gale that the piece of aluminum was swept away.

Mars Exploration Program

The Perseverance robot landed on Mars not long ago, in February 2022, more specifically on the Jezero Cratera part of the Red Planet that, a few billion years ago, was once a huge lake.

The Perseverance shipment is part of the Mars Exploration Program, one of NASA’s darlings. The expectation is that the robot can collect data and give us clearer answers about the formation of the planet and, of course, its physical and geological aspects.

One of the big speculations about Mars has to do with the potential that our neighbor seems to have once had to host life. Was the Red Planet ever even close to what Earth is today?

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