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pitbull breed dog
Reproduction/Flickr – 21.06.2022

pitbull breed dog

A pitbull dog scared the residents of Bahía Blanca, 630 kilometers from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Violent, the animal ran away from home, bit another dog and began to run after Noelia Morán’s son, who, upon seeing the scene, went into cardiac arrest. According to a relative, the woman “died of fright”.

According to the victim’s family, he left to deliver a message in the Aerotalleres neighborhood, where he lives. A block from the house, the son saw the dog running away. At that moment, after biting another dog, the pit bull started chasing Noelia’s son.

Upon arriving at the door of the house, the pitbull tried to enter the residence, but the family members tried to scare the dog away:

“The animal was out of its mind, it wanted to get in (the house). Everyone with brooms (in hand) tried to prevent it from getting in, until they could leave it outside,” Betty told the local newspaper La Nacion, who completes speaking. that Noelia Morán “died of fright”, as she defined it.

“My mother-in-law fainted, passing away at the time of cardiac arrest,” he said.

According to family members, she had high blood pressure and could not be revived by the rescue team.

“We want to report it because it will happen again and someone else will be attacked. It’s crazy what happened. It’s a house where many people live, especially boys”, concluded Betty.

To La Brújula 24, the animal’s owner – identified as David – said that he is very hurt by the situation and that he is in contact with the victim’s family. According to him, Noelia was the mother of his children’s best friend.

David said that as soon as he learned of what had happened, he went to the scene and, even with family members “very nervous”, reiterated that the dog did not attack anyone.

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