Botafogo’s under-13 ace playing among the boys, Giovanna Waksman vents after sexist demonstrations during the game

Crack of the base categories of the Botafogo acting among boys her age, Giovanna Waksman suffered with sexist demonstrations last Sunday, in the match against Saint Cristopherat Ronaldo Nazário Stadium, for the semifinals of the Under-13 Men’s Metropolitan Championship.

The player posted videos of her bids in the matches and it is possible to hear some sexist lines coming from the stands after she suffers a foul.

– Football is for men, f*** – says a man who was in the stands, criticizing the referee’s marking of the free-kick.

On social media, Giovanna made an outburst after the episode.

– Tell these false “fans” that football is for those who love the sport and have talent. In the middle of 2022, hearing that football is for men… And having to suffer on the field for the teachings of a sexist society that doesn’t care about training and respect for others… It’s unbelievable! – wrote the midfielder.

A base jewel, Giovanna works among the boys because Botafogo does not have a base category for that age – but they will, with the investment of John Textor, under-17 and under-20. To journalist Deborah Rocha, the player revealed that she had already suffered from sexist demonstrations in other matches.

– I’ve been beaten in every game and this one was no different. Some parents from the opposing team started to curse me, the whole game I was cursed just because I was doing well in the game. It’s sad and ridiculous – said Giovanna.

See the video:

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