CBF says “fight” at FPF made Belém lose the Seleção’s game

The Pará Football Federation (FPF) still does not have a definition on when the presidential election will be held. The electoral process has been delayed since December 28, 2021. So far, four dates have been set for the elections to be held, however, they have not taken place. As a result, football in Pará suffered another setback, involving the arrival of the Brazilian team for the reopening game of the Mangueirão stadium.

After the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) defined the location of the South American classic, between Brazil and Argentina, for the World Cup Qualifiers, according to information disclosed by the narrator Galvão Bueno, in the program Bem Amigos, on TV Globo – and which should be officially confirmed on the entity’s website, this Wednesday (22) – in a note, the entity confirmed the reasons that led the entity to choose the Itaquerão Arena, in São Paulo, and not the “Colosso do Benguí”, in Belém.

According to a document sent to the Governor of the State of Pará, Helder Barbalho, the main problem for the inspection that would be carried out in the main sports square of the people of Pará, scheduled to take place on July 14, when it was canceled by the entity itself. national football, was the imbroglio in the elections of the Pará Football Federation (FPF), which continues to be commanded on an interim basis by Graciete Maués.

“The reason for this cancellation lies in the fact that the Pará Football Federation (FPF), which is the responsible regional administration entity in the state of Pará, is not regular with the CBF, since the elections have not yet been held, within the period stipulated in the FPF statutes, for filling the positions of president, vice-presidents and members of the Fiscal Council”, details the document that is signed by the president of the CBF, Edinaldo Rodrigues.

It is worth mentioning that the elections are scheduled for June 29, even though the entity from Pará contradicted the judicial decision determined by the Court of Justice (TJ-PA), in which it demanded the participation of the 127 initial voters of the electoral college, which includes professional clubs. , amateurs and sports leagues. However, 79 institutions were called to the General Assembly.

In view of this, according to the statement sent by the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation to governor Helder Barbalho, while there is no definition of the next president (whose election has been disputed through the candidates Ricardo Gluck Paul and Paulo Romano), who will remain in the position until the end of 2025, the Pará Football Federation will remain irregular, before the national entity.

“Therefore, as the director positions of the FPF have not yet been filled through duly convened and held elections, the local entity is not in good standing with the CBF, which, under our regulation, makes the inspection to be carried out unfeasible. , which should count on the effective participation of duly constituted members of the local federation”, he said.

Searched for by the DOLso far, the interim president of the Pará Football Federation (FPF), Graciete Maués, has not yet commented on the aforementioned questions.


| Reproduction: CBF
| Reproduction: CBF
| Reproduction: CBF

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