Residents are scared of ‘blue spiral’ in the sky, and scientists counter: ‘Simple explanation’ – News

A group of villagers was somewhat startled and shocked to observe a strange spiral of blue light in the country’s sky. A number of theories about what it might be soon emerged—most of them focusing on phenomena like alien life or some foreign weapon.

One of the first to see space formation was Alasdair Burns, a stargazing expert from the country.

“It looked like a huge spiral galaxy, just hanging in the sky and slowly floating around,” he said in an interview with the Guardian newspaper.

Along with Alasdair, a group of about five people gathered to watch the phenomenon in the region. At the same time, photos began to pop up on social media, with snapshots of the strange apparition.

“Premonition of our orbital black hole,” wrote another stargazer on Instagram, probably in a humorous tone.

Despite the buzz, the strange phenomenon has a simple explanation, according to experts.

According to professors at the University of Auckland, one of New Zealand’s most important cities, clouds are formed when a rocket launches a satellite into orbit.

When the propellant is ejected, water and carbon hydroxide mix and form a cloud, which takes on a spiral shape because of the rocket’s motion.

“Clouds can look crazy,” says Richard Easther, a physicist at the university.

The main bet is that the cloud was caused by a SpaceX rocket launched from Florida on Sunday (19).

A similar formation was seen in 2009 by residents of Norway. Remember the case below!

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