STJD investigates complaint of attempted bribery in Brazilian women’s game – 06/21/2022 – Esporte

Santos fired last Monday (20) the goalkeeper coach of their women’s team, Fabrício de Paula, and publicly accused him of trying to bribe Red Bull Bragantino’s goalkeeper, Alice, to favor an alleged betting scheme. The professional met the athlete before the match between the teams, held in Vila Belmiro, over the weekend.

Bragantino corroborated the accusations. The defense of the now former alvinegro employee denied the version presented by the clubs and demanded evidence. He also stated that a material delivered by Fabrício to the fourth referee of the game, in an image that gained repercussion on social networks, was a raincoat.

“We will take several legal measures. We will ask everyone involved to explain the content of Santos’ interview and Bragantino’s note. At no time did they present evidence or allow Fabrício to explain himself. He was judged by Santos and social networks without absolutely nothing,” he told Sheet the trainer’s lawyer, Higor Marcelo Maffei.

“Nothing was done wrong, and there was no attempt to manipulate the result. Only a raincoat was delivered, it was a simple cape. With the goalkeeper there was nothing but a conversation for a possible hiring by Santos. judge based on what they think exists,” he added.

The case gained greater proportions after Santos president Andres Rueda called a press conference to announce the resignation and explain the reasons for it. At the time, the official informed that he would forward the evidence to the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) and to the Public Ministry.

“Perhaps it is the head of the iceberg of what happens in our football. A Santos women’s football official used an intermediary to [tentar] bribing a player for an elastic score in the first half for betting purposes. As Bragantino was already disqualified, this bribe was attempted”, declared Rueda.

“The player promptly refused the proposal and informed her superiors, who contacted me, even presenting material proposals, with prints of conversations. As soon as it came to our knowledge, together with the Bragantino president, we took some measures. fired for just cause,” he added.

The explanation by Fabrício’s defense for his presence at the hotel where the opposing delegation was staying is that the professional was talking to a football friend. “He went to talk about her situation, if there was any intermediary. That’s all.”

Without giving names, Rueda also mentioned the fourth referee of the game, Adeli Maria Monteiro. According to the president of Santos, she received “an envelope” directly from the official. It’s the material the defense says is a raincoat.

The moment was recorded by the game’s official broadcast. The image spread on the internet, but was not recorded in the match summary. Sought, the CBF arbitration commission and the game’s refereeing team did not manifest themselves until the publication of this text.

“There’s even a passage from the beginning of the game, a weird thing to say, an employee supposedly giving an envelope to the fourth referee, which has to be investigated. We won’t be happy until we find out all the rot”, quoted Rueda.

“The ones who have to explain something are Santos and Red Bull Bragantino. Did they say they saw an envelope? They’ll have to prove it”, countered the coach’s lawyer.

The Bragança Paulista club has so far only manifested itself in a note repeating the accusations made by Santos. He said that the player was approached by messages with a proposal for a bribe to match the result and promptly informed the case to the executive director of the club, Thiago Scuro.

The CBF claimed to have received the complaint and forwarded the demand to the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice) for investigation. Sought, those responsible for the women’s competitions of the entity did not want to manifest.

The match between the teams ended in a 1-1 tie. Bragantino opened the scoring in stoppage time, with Mylena, and suffered a draw at 41 of the second stage, with Gi Fernandes.

The tie kept Santos in seventh position, with 19 points. The team from Bragança, in 16th and last place, with four points, is already relegated.

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