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Judge José Ferreira Ramos Júnior (Photo: Reproduction)

The Regional Electoral Court of Paraíba (TRE-PB) canceled the mandate of the nine councilors of Monte Horebe, in the Sertão da Paraíba, in session this Monday (20). The municipality must undergo new elections.

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Judge José Ferreira Ramos Júnior, rapporteur of the case, welcomed the understanding of the Electoral Public Ministry and understood that there was fraud in the gender quota for the 2020 proportional election.

Agamenon Dias Guarita Júnior, Edigley Cardoso Ferreira, Iranaldo Pereira de Sousa, Joaquim Leite De Brito, José Nilton Pereira Dantas, José Soares de Sousa, Júlio Cézar Ferreira Braga, Márcio José Nogueira, Valtiere Silva Barreiro, and the alternates Iracy De Sousa were impeached. Cavalcanti Ferreira, Josefa Alice da Costa and Maria Marinalva Cardoso Dias. All are from MDB

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The new elections in Mount Horeb are expected to take place between November 27th and December 11th of this year.

“It appears that the 2,753 votes obtained by the 09 candidates for councilors and their respective legend, in the 2020 Elections in Monte Horebe-PB, represent about 83.82% of the 3,045 valid votes counted, that is, the nullity reached more than half of votes in municipal elections, and because it is a matter of public order, known by the trade, it is necessary to carry out a supplementary election”, said the rapporteur of the case, Judge José Ferreira Ramos Júnior.

Watch the session below:

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