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Anna Kendrick was working on another film parallel to the New Moon filming

Anna Kendrick was indicated to Oscar in Best Supporting Actress for your participation in the film Unstoppable Love (2009), but that might not have happened because of the saga’s film franchise Twilight.

It turns out that the actress filmed Unstoppable Love at the same time it was recording New Moon (2009), Second Film, and the producers of Twilight could have easily prevented her from participating in both films at the same time. But, Kendrick counted on the kindness of the executive team.

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Twilight was a pop culture sensation in the early 2000s, with the books and movies being consumed by a huge fan base. To interpret Jessica Stanley gave to Anna Kendrick a steady job and allowed her to take projects she really liked side by side.

I was recording Unstoppable Love around the time they were making the second movie in the saga Twilight: New Moon. It would have been a dumb move, but legally, they could have stopped me from participating in Unstoppable Love. So I thank these guys for not doing it,” she told the The Variety

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Fortunately, the shooting schedule was changed to allow her to appear in both films, eventually earning her a nomination. Oscar in the process.

New Moon is focused on Bella regretting the departure of Edwardand approaching Jacob in the process. During the protagonist’s depression, she pushed her friends away from Forks, including Jessica. Over time, the protagonist tries to reconnect with the character of Anna Kendrickbut the night goes off the rails when Bella begins to act erratically and to look for danger in order to gain a vision of Edward.

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