Corinthians vs Santos LIVE (3-0) | 06/22/2022

22:176 minutes ago

46′ End of 1st Half

Corinthians 3×0 Santos.

22:176 minutes ago

45′ Extras

One more, let’s go to 46.

22:14 8 minutes ago


Turning rout! In Willian’s corner, the ball goes to Raul Gustavo, who goes up alone and scores: 3 to 0 Timão.

22:14 9 minutes ago


Du Queiroz arrives at the bottom, João Paulo leaves in the muffler and sends him to the corner. Then the goalkeeper scolds the defense.

22:1211 minutes ago


Mantuan risks from afar. João Paulo makes the save in the middle of the goal.

22:1211 minutes ago


Zanocelo steals the ball in midfield, it arrives at Baptistão. But shirt 92 makes the wrong decision and loses the ball to Fagner.

22:10 13 minutes ago


Lucas Pires risks from afar, the ball deflects on João Victor and goes to a corner.

22:09 14 minutes ago


Sandry crosses, the ball goes through everyone and goes out to the baseline.

22:07 15 minutes ago


Roger Guedes goes up to the left, cuts inside and sends a shot to the goal. The ball goes off the right of João Paulo.

22:04 19 minutes ago


Marcos Leonardo tries to kick from outside, Cantillo blocks and leaves.

22:03 20 minutes ago


Corinthians presses the exit of Santos with Giuliano, shirt 11 enters the area and kicks. The finalization is weak and João Paulo defends.

21:59 24 minutes ago


Timão’s new move on the side of the field, Willian throws Fagner in the background, the side crosses to Du Queiroz, who hits the goal, on the way the ball hits Giuliano and enters: 2 to 0 Corinthians.

21:5627 minutes ago


Mantuan tries a move from the right, Bauermann pushes away one more.

21:55 28 minutes ago


Santos tries to play from the top, Lucas Pires goes up and sends him out.

21:5429 minutes ago


Lucas Braga tries a cross, Piton intercepts.

21:51 32 minutes ago


Now the move was on the left, Piton crosses at mid-height, no one arrives to remove and Mantuan comes in and finishes with the first shot. 1 to 0 Timon.

21:50 33 minutes ago


Corinthians makes a beautiful move on the right, Fagner and Mantuan score, shirt 31 of the low pass to Róger Guedes, shirt 9 finishes very strong and isolates the ball. Missing a good opportunity.

21:49 34 minutes ago


Willian makes a good move on the left and crosses. João Paulo takes the punch away.

21:4636 minutes ago


ALMOST! Róger Guedes risks from outside the low area, João Paulo stretched out and made a beautiful save. Corner for Corinthians.

21:45 38 minutes ago


Fagner tries a long shot, Bauermann intercepts again and clears.

21:44 39 minutes ago


Du Queiroz crosses, Bauermann safely pushes away again.

21:44 39 minutes ago


Fagner and João Victor get in the way, Jhojan Julio takes advantage and steals the ball. The defender from Timão managed to recover and not let the Santos shirt 8 progress.

21:42 41 minutes ago


Mantuan kicks, the ball explodes on Lucas Pires.

21:40 43 minutes ago


Jhojan Julio tries to pass on the back to Lucas Pires, but the pass came out too strong and went out through the sideline.

21:39 44 minutes ago


Marcos Leonardo crosses at half height, but Raul Gustavo pushes away.

21:37 an hour ago


WOW! the ball goes to Zanocelo, he risks the shot from outside the area and it passes, taking ink from Cássio’s post.

21:36 an hour ago


Fagner throws for Róger Guedes, but Bauermann comes up well and intercepts with a gourd.

21:35 an hour ago


Corinthians tries a move from the right, but the Santos defense pushes away.

21:34 an hour ago


Willian is thrown on the left, crosses, but to no one.

21:33 an hour ago


Santos has been with the ball longer so far.

21:31 an hour ago


Ball rolling at Neo Química Arena, the Clássico-Alvinegro begins.

21:26 an hour ago

⏱’ Pre-game

Performance of the Brazilian national anthem.

21:02 an hour ago

⏱’ Pre-game

Both teams are in warm-up, the ball will roll at 21:30.

20:472 hours ago

⏱’ Fish scaled!

20:452 hours ago

⏱’ Climbed wheel!

20:232 hours ago

⏱’ Arbitration

20:212 hours ago

⏱’ Pre-game

20:202 hours ago

⏱’ Pre-game

03:00 19 hours ago

When is the game Corinthians vs Santos and how to follow LIVE?

02:55 19 hours ago

How and where to watch Corinthians vs Santos match live

02:50 20 hours ago

Stone in the shoe!

02:45 20 hours ago

Santos campaign in the competition

02:40 20 hours ago

Corinthians Campaigns in the Competition

02:35 20 hours ago

Santos likely lineup

02:30 20 hours ago

How is the fish?

02:25 20 hours ago

Probable lineup of Corinthians

02:20 20 hours ago

How is Timon coming?

02:15 20 hours ago

Brazil Cup 2015

02:10 20 hours ago

Opportunity for ‘rematch’

02:05 20 hours ago


Hello fan! Stay tuned in the situations of each team for the confrontation soon. Follow the details, lineups and news as it happens live here on the small screen of VAVEL Brazil.

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