Couple of girlfriends in Canada discover they could be sisters

Girlfriend couple in Canada discover they could be sisters

Girlfriend couple in Canada discover they could be sisters

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A couple with a girlfriend in Canada is living an unusual situation, the two discovered that they could be half-sisters. Carley and Mercedes – who have been dating for two years – found out that their mothers were involved with the same man. The two shared the situation in videos on TikTok and also joked about the similarity of the two. The information was published by the American newspaper New York Post.

The duo shared the unsettling news in a video that was viewed more than 6 million times on the social video network curtis, leaving their 560,000 followers desperately asking them to take a DNA test.

@carleyandmercedes Should we take a DNA test? #siblingsordating #fyp #foryou #wlw #xyzbca ♬ original sound – szasgrandchildren

“When you find out, after two years of dating, that your moms slept with the same guy,” read the message on the now viral TikTok with the caption: “Should we take a DNA test?”

@carleyandmercedes siblings or dating plot twist… maybe both??? #fyp #foryou #wlw #xyzbca #siblingsordating ♬ what in the jesus christ was that – sam

“If we really are sisters, is it wrong for us to be together?” the couple asked followers in a comment.

Thousands of followers of the two on TikTok joined the debate and aired their opinions, most telling them to take the test. “I think the real risk would be NOT taking the DNA test,” one user commented.

“Pay one right away,” another agreed, and the two responded, “We’re scared.”

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