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Surely you must have already felt more comfortable in environments of certain colors or wearing clothes with specific tones. All this is studied and demonstrated through color psychology. Understanding the subject a little better can help you have a more productive and happy day.

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Color psychology: check out the meaning of 6 of them

1 – Red

Red is one of the most common colors in many everyday objects. It is a color considered warm and is associated with blood and fire, for example. However, red can also relate to a sense of urgency, danger, and feelings of love and passion. It is worth mentioning the representation of justice through red.

2 – Blue

Some recent surveys have shown that blue is the most common preferred color among people, especially in the United States (USA). Its association is linked to peace, tranquility, harmony and balance. In popular culture, blue is often used to reflect the masculine gender. In color psychology, blue is considered a cool color.

3 – Green

Classically, green represents nature and the environment. However, color psychology also underscores its inherent character of youth, luck and tenacity. In capitalism, green also represents the color of money, derived from the dollar. It can still link with the feeling of joy, health and fertility.

4 – Color psychology: yellow

The color of joy certainly fluctuates between yellow and orange. Also considered a warm color, yellow is associated with wealth, happiness, spontaneity, envy, greed, optimism and joviality.

5 – Black

In practice, those who think of black as a color linked to sadness are mistaken. According to color psychology, it is a tone that refers to luxury and elegance. It can be used to symbolize mystery, disorder, simplicity and neutrality.

6 – Orange

Orange can bring a sense of enthusiasm, vitality and happiness. It is the characteristic color of humor, playfulness, sociability and expensive products. It is a great color to be used in accessories at work.

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