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You probably know the face of Ezra Miller, although the name may not be familiar. At 29 years old, the American, who declares himself non-binary, already has 13 years of professional career in film and TV, with some very remarkable roles.

What made him recognized in the entertainment industry mainstream was teenager Kevin, from the 2011 film “We Need to Talk About Kevin”, based on a novel by Lionel Shriver released in 2003.

From the point of view of the boy’s mother, played by Tilda Swinton, the story shows her difficult relationship with her son, who turns out to be a suicidal murderer, responsible for a massacre at the school where he studies. Her weapon of choice is a bow and arrow, which the actor made a point of keeping as a souvenir.

Miller dropped out of school before completing high school, when his career showed the first signs of success. The youngest son of a dancer and a book editor, he studied opera as a child to treat a debilitating stutter, but fell in love with theater early on and switched stages. He is passionate about the Harry Potter universe and firearms.

With 1.80m, slim figure, beautiful, angular and striking face, articulate, contemporary and energetic speech, in addition to total relaxation to talk about his intimacy, Ezra Miller seemed to be the solution to the problem of the lack of connection between Hollywood studios and the Z generation.

He has said in interviews that he pursued Kevin’s role “like a stalker after reading the script”, and that “not for a minute did I think I was playing a fundamentally evil character”. He also stated that he saw no reason to hide the fact that he smokes marijuana. About his sexuality, he went further. He declared himself gay in 2012, queer in 2018 and non-binary in 2021. He prefers the use of the neutral pronouns they / them in English, which do not have a dictionary translation in Portuguese.

He has been working consistently since 2006, when he debuted in the TV series “Cakey! The Cake From Outer Space”. And he is the character Credence Barebone, from the franchise “Fantastic Beasts”, spin-off of the Harry Potter series, which already has three feature films released and has two more in production.

It was from the last film in this series that Johnny Depp was replaced by Mads Mikkelsen midway through filming, due to allegations of abuse by his ex-wife, Amber Heard. “Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore”, premiered in Brazil in April this year in theaters, and is available for streaming on HBO Max.

In addition, Ezra Miller was chosen to live the superhero The Flash in several productions. In the first of them, the 2016 film “Batman v Superman”, with Ben Affleck in the role of the batman, Henry Cavill as the extraterrestrial journalist, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa as Aquaman, his character only makes a cameo. and serves as comic relief.

But the result went down so well, with both critics and audiences, that Miller continued to be cast as the Scarlet Speedster, as the character who surpasses the speed of light is known.

He played him in “Justice League” in 2017, in the TV series “Arrow” in 2020, and this year in the TV series “Peacemaker”.

In 2021, he finished filming the still unreleased “The Flash”, in which he has the lead role for the first time since he donned the red cap and jumpsuit of the comic book character from DC Comics, a subsidiary of Warner. Directed by Argentine Andy Muschietti, “The Flash” has, in addition to Miller as the superhero and his alter ego Barry Allen, Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton credited as Batman in the cast.

To see if the film will see the light of day. Or, rather, the darkness of a movie theater, as was the plan of the studio that invested US$ 200 million in the feature, with the hope that it would be the first of a series. The premiere date was slated for this month, but has been pushed to June 2023.

The actor has also completed filming “Dali Land”, in which he plays the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí in his youth. In adulthood, Spanish is played by Ben Kingsley. “Dali Land” was directed by Canadian filmmaker Mary Harron, from “American Psycho” (2000) and “I Shot Andy Warhol” (1996).

Ezra Miller is keen to be eccentric. Intense, he loves to say strong lines in interviews, such as “I barely identify as a human being”, which he told Out magazine. Or “a politician is just a celebrity with a fan club, like me. And we’re probably all mentally ill.”

But what was curious and attractive started to get weird in 2020, when a seven-minute video went viral, in which he told a fan in a bar in Iceland “Oh, you want to fight? Is that it?”. The girl jokes that she’s going to start a fight, and he grabs her by the neck and knocks her to the ground.

In March of this year, police were called to a bar in Hawaii, where the apparently drunk actor became very angry when people started singing karaoke. Shouting obscenities, he ripped the microphone off a woman and threw it to the floor. Afterwards, he attacked a man who was playing darts.

The bar owner called the police after asking him to calm down several times. He was arrested, posted a $500 bond and then released. On this same trip, he broke into a couple’s hotel room, stole a passport and wallet, and threatened them both, saying he would “bury” them. The couple filed for a restraining order against Miller, but withdrew the suit two weeks later.

He was arrested again, again in Hawaii the following month, after throwing a chair at a 26-year-old woman’s head.

The most recent and strange case is that of the parents of an 18-year-old Native American girl from North Dakota who applied for a provisional protection order against Miller on behalf of their daughter, Tokata Iron Eyes, or Tokata Iron Eyes. In documents filed with a tribal court, Tokata’s parents accuse the actor of “psychologically manipulating, physically intimidating and putting his safety and well-being at risk”.

They further allege that Miller “exhibits patterns of controlling behavior, in addition to having corrupted a minor with alcohol and drug use.” Tokata has been close with Miller for six years. When they met, the girl was 12 years old and he was 23. Since then, they have formed a strong bond of friendship.

She, who called herself queer, now calls herself non-binary, like him. Tokata has traveled with Ezra Miller to London, Vermont, New York, California and Hawaii. She is of legal age under American law, but not under her people’s rules.

The tribal court, however, has been unable to locate either Miller or Iron Eyes so far. The order was placed three weeks ago. The two are allegedly together and missing. The actor has deleted all his social networks, has not used a cell phone or credit cards, while the girl uses her Instagram account to accuse her family of wanting to manipulate her and protect her friend.

Hollywood’s great hope, by the way, is not going to give the expected result. But news is also entertainment.

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