how do dogs choose them?

Dogs have their favorite people. How do you choose them?

The look and body expression overflow with love. Affection, care and attention are key from the beginning of the relationship.

The complicity of a mutual love.

We all have our favorite person. It is as if it were an extension of us and we even identify ourselves to the point of saying “you are my person” — an example of this is the relationship between the characters Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) and Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) in the series “Anatomia de Grey”.

And did you know that with dogs it’s the same? Also they have their favorite person. They usually love their entire family, but there is that special element that they look up to with true devotion. How is this choice made?

The main caregiver is not always the dog’s favorite person, as many factors come into play for the “choice”. For example, if a pup enters a family as a puppy, he is more likely to gain a greater bond and bond with the owner who loses hours of sleep to give him attention and affection, especially in the first days – and nights – when everything is new ( and scary at times) and without the company of your mom.

These gestures will not be forgotten, as the baby dog ​​“almost always transfers the affection he felt for the mother and siblings to the available human, who pays attention, cleans, feeds and holds”, underlines “Cães Online”.

“Many dogs form an intimate relationship with their caregivers during the socialization period, which takes place between birth and six months of age. It is during this specific time of development that our puppies absorb their first social experiences and shape their personality, and it is a period whose circumstances and interactions influence the rest of their lives. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your dog has positive interactions with a wide range of people, places and things.”

In adult animals, the process of socialization and adaptation to experiences and people continues, but not at such a high or intense rate, adds Helena Ferreira, stressing that “availability and attention paid is very important for creating an affective bond with a dog”. “But it is equally important that interactions and associations are positive. In other words, we want our dog to associate us with happy and positive memories and experiences. We want to be associated with play.”

In summary, the main aspects to take into account are: the person they socialize with the most from an early age, the level of attention and affection they are given, and positive associations (taking them for a walk or giving rewards when they behave well, for example). ).

So, if you want to be your dog’s favorite person, one of the best things you can do is spend at least half an hour with your dog, focusing on activities between the two of you. This time can be spent playing or having a training session, for example.

These are all factors that will contribute to whether or not we are the favorite person of our four-legged friends.

But there’s more: race also has its weight. Some dog breeds tend to choose just one owner. This is the case of more independent animals, used to isolated activities, such as herding dogs.

Dogs of the Basenji, Shiba Inu, Cairn Terrier and all greyhounds (Whippet, Greyhound, etc.) management, refers to “Cães Online”.

Scroll through the gallery to see if you recognize that special look they are capable of giving us.

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