‘It fell into the mouth of children and elderly people’: people affected by a product thrown by a drone at an event with Lula and Kalil are heard by the MPF in Uberlândia | Mining Triangle

The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) instituted a procedure for dealing with the use of an “aircraft”, which is regulated by the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) and, therefore, the attribution of investigating is federalaccording to the prosecution.

Among the victims of the attack is the autonomous salesman Luis Fernando da Silva. In an interview with TV Integration he told how was the attack on militants who were waiting for the start of the event, in the parking lot of the Centro Universitário do Triângulo (Unitri).

“I saw a drone flying over, I thought it was from the event, but soon it approached us and started throwing a liquid. It fell on a child, an elderly person, it fell into the mouth of a child, an elderly person who was looking up, it fell on top It’s a lack of respect and ethics on the other side, he said.

Autonomous seller Luis Fernando da Silva was hit by liquid spilled by a drone; Lula and Kalil event, Uberlândia — Photo: TV Integração/Reprodução

O g1 asked the MPF if more people will still be heard and when, and also what the next steps of the investigation are, but the agency replied that it could not provide more details.

On Monday (20), the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais (MPMG) confirmed that the case will also be investigated at the state level.

Federal Public Ministry in Uberlândia – file photo — Photo: Rodrigo Scapolatempore/G1

Federal deputy Reginaldo Lopes (PT) filed a complaint, on Monday (20), against Rodrigo Luiz Parreira, Charles Wender Oliveira Souza and Daniel Rodrigues de Oliveira. They operated the drone that threw product at the audience present at the event, last Wednesday (15).

According to the deputy, the document with the complaint was delivered to the Attorney General of the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais (MPMG), Jarbas Soares Júnior. In the published video, Lopes classified the fact as an “attack on our democracy”.

“We held an event with a date and time to discuss the socioeconomic development of the Triângulo Mineiro and a group of supporters of the President of the Republic used a drone to throw pesticides, poison, on our people. It is a crime against public health, a crime of bodily injury, conspiracy, in addition to the invasion of airspace without authorization”said Reginaldo Lopes.

Also on social media, the MPMG attorney general spoke about the meeting with the federal deputy.

“A comprehensive investigation of the serious facts is essential, given that the Public Prosecutor’s Office is a defender of the democratic regime and the fundamental right to freedom of expression and assembly,” said Jarbas Soares Júnior.

According to the prosecutor, a proper investigation of the facts is necessary with the carrying out of expert evidence on the drone and on the sprayed product.

“What is certain is that the MPMG will carry out the investigation and that those responsible will be prosecuted. Minas has always been a welcoming state, regardless of political issues”, concluded Júnior.

Soares Júnior also informed in a social network that the prosecutor, Marco Aurélio Nogueira was drawn to investigate the facts and will have the support of the Special Action Group to Combat Organized Crime (GAECO) of the Northern Triangle.

Public said he was hit by urine and feces

Militants were waiting for the event to begin with Lula and Kalil when they were attacked — Photo: Guilherme Gonçalves/g1

The event in Uberlândia brought together the pre-candidates for the presidency of the Republic and the government of Minas Gerais, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and Alexandre Kalil (PSD). For the first time during the pre-campaign, politicians met publicly. On that occasion, Kalil formalized an alliance with Lula for the elections in Minas Gerais.

According to reports from the militants who were gathered in the Unitri parking lot, the drone would have dropped feces and urine on them.

“When the drone arrived, we thought it was from the event, suddenly it started spraying something very smelly, like feces, slurry”, said Mariana de Araújo, from the organization.

“I was in the stands and the drone appeared. I thought it was from filming, but then it started to smell bad. It was one of those drones that spray poison on crops, and people started throwing things to see if it would stop,” said the freight worker. Valdir Souza.

On the occasion, Lula regretted the aggression against the militants during a speech at the event.

“It can’t be a normal human being, a scoundrel who puts a drone to throw dirt on the people here. We’re not going to let it go.

According to the Military Police (PM), shortly after the drone sprayed the product on people, Rodrigo Luiz Parreira, Charles Wender Oliveira Souza and Daniel Rodrigues de Oliveira were arrested in flagrante delicto, but released after signing a Circumstantiated Term of Occurrence (TCO) to later appear at the Special Criminal Court.

THE TV Integration, Benedito Vieira, lawyer for Rodrigo Parreira, informed that the client will not manifest itself yet. The broadcaster and the g1 were unable to contact the defense of the other two cited.

According to information from the incident report registered by the PM, Rodrigo Parreira told the police that the product used was called target, which would be harmless to humans. However, according to information from the manufacturer, the organic attractant for fly control It is not recommended for use inside or very close to residential and social areas, due to the specific odor to attract insects.

Video shows drone operation

Drone operator says he threw poison on public at Lula and Kalil event

Drone operator says he threw poison on public at Lula and Kalil event

A video shared on social media and messaging apps showed what would be part of the drone’s operation.

One of the three men, who were arrested by the Military Police (PM) in the act, said in the video that they were throwing poison. In another part of the recording, the drone operator said he had already poured “two liters”. See the video description below:

Man 1: When the poison ends, does it whistle?
Man 2: whistle.
Operator: It’s coming out a lot, fii. Oh my God in heaven!
Operator: The people are running, man.
Man 2: Isn’t it over, boss?
Operator: No, there is still product here. Oh the people, taking the train there, man.
Man 1: Get up, get up.
Operator: I have to get up, the people are tackling the train.
Man 1: You can stand up. Play up to the stage. Play up to the stage.
Operator: Wow guy. On top of the stage?
Man 1: IT IS! In the direction of those boxes over there, that!
Man 2: Increases the flow.
Man 1: Increases the flow.
Operator: It’s already full here.
Man 2: Wow, it’s taking too long.
Operator: ok It’s just coming out a little.
Man 1: Is there still a lot?
Man 2: How many liters do you have?
Operator: Yeah, we just threw two liters, fii.
Man 1: Turn more towards the side of the bleachers.
Operator: There, falling. Oh the dick there, did you see it?
Man 1: Take one more turn, walk away. It doesn’t stop. Go on, they don’t get it right. It doesn’t stop.
Man 1: It doesn’t stop.
Men 1 and 2: Up higher, higher up.

Police arrest drone operators that attacked public at Kalil and Lula event in Uberlândia – Photo: Wladimir Raeder/Disclosure

Cited by the Federal Public Ministry as responsible for investigating the case, Anac reported that police forces have the autonomy to carry out investigations into irregular drone operations that violate the civil and criminal spheres.

In addition, they are provided for in the legislation referring to liability in the civil, administrative and criminal spheres, with emphasis on the inviolability of intimacy, private life, honor and the image of people.

Anac also informed that, inspections will be carried out in the administrative sphere of action of the agency, in accordance with the sanctions provided for in the Brazilian Aeronautical Code.

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