Nubank will be part of the world of digital currencies

Recently, David Vélez, co-founder of Nubankinformed the website Valor about fintech’s interest in entering the world of cryptocurrencies. This is a market that has been growing exponentially and provides the chance to increase the financial inclusion of banks, in addition to reducing expenses in international transactions.

To learn more about Nubank’s entry into the world of cryptocurrencies, check out the full article.

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Nubank and digital currencies

Since staying in line with innovations is an important action, Vélez, in the same interview cited, mentioned the relevance of investing part of the financial institution’s cash in cryptocurrencies, as a way of aligning itself with digital banking’s competitors.

In view of this, Nubank aims to increasingly invest and monitor projects linked to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. However, since it is a new and very risky technology, this digital bank has been directing only 1% of its equity in this segment, and although this amount is significant, it is a safe percentage for the company.

Cryptocurrency investment for Nubank customers

Nubank made available, through its app, the possibility of investing in cryptocurrencies on May 11 this year. However, aiming at customer safety, and in the case of a market that still has “a lot of noise”, the institution only allowed the trading of Bitcoin and Ethereum coins.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Although many are still suspicious of the use of cryptocurrencies, they are already more present in everyday life than one might imagine. These are currencies, just like money, with the difference that they are fully digital. However, it is not issued by any government, as in the case of the real and the dollar, for example.

The most famous of all is Bitcoin, which has already surpassed the value of 60 thousand US dollars. In fact, this was the cryptocurrency responsible for popularizing the subject, causing many people to become millionaires overnight.

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