Quiz “The Umbrella Academy”: Would you be Sparrow or Umbrella?

“The Umbrella Academy” is back. The 3rd season of the series arrived on Netflix last Wednesday (22) and hit the internet. The new episodes follow the events of the 2nd part of the story and show what happened after the protagonists ended up in an alternate timeline. In this other reality, a different version of the Umbrella Academy is presented, entitled Sparrow Academy.

The two groups clash as soon as they meet. Both are formed by Sir Reginald Hagreeves (Colm Feore), who leads the teams. While the Umbrellers developed their Quirks to the point of breaking away from their father’s mantle, the Sparrows became battle machines, always very focused and with a lot of discipline.

Now that we’ve shown the differences between the two families, we want to know which of the two you would integrate if you lived in the reality of “The Umbrella Academy”. Take the quiz and tell us the result!

Meet the members of Sparrow Academy

Like Umbrella Academy, Sparrow is made up of seven young people with extraordinary powers. Meet them all!

Marcus Hargreeves/Number 1

Charming, strong and healthy, Marcus (Justin Cornwell) is the leader of Sparrow Academy. Honest and disciplined, the boy, who has powers related to super strength, has great self-confidence.

Ben Hargreeves/Number 2

Season 3 Netflix GIF by The Umbrella Academy

Yes, our acquaintance good (Justin H. Min) from Umbrella Academy – or rather, another version of him – is also at Sparrow Academy. Although he has powers similar to his best friend, Klaus (Robert Sheehan), the character is quite different from the Umbreller we know. This Ben is very pragmatic, Machiavellian, strategist and with a great thirst for leadership.

Fei Hargreeves/Number 3

Season 3 Netflix GIF by The Umbrella Academy

Fei (Britne Oldford) is lonely and very intelligent. She has no eyes and can use crows to keep watch over enemies and attack them.

Alphonso Hargreeves/Number 4

Alphonso (Jake Epstein) is super sarcastic and has a deformed face from battles he’s faced. The young man is a true “human voodoo doll”, which means that all attacks aimed at him end up turning towards his opponents.

Sloane Hargreeves/Number 5

Umbrella Academy Sparrow Academy GIF - Umbrella Academy Sparrow Academy Tua GIFs

sloane (Genesis Rodriguez) is a romantic and dreamy young woman who likes to challenge the Sparrows. Her powers include controlling gravity, allowing her to levitate and move objects with her mind.

Jayme Hargreeves/Number 6

As for Number 6 at Sparrow Academy, Jayme (Cazzie David), can spit venom. The substance causes hallucinations in anyone it touches. The character is silent, fatal and is very friendly with Alphonso.

Christopher Hargreeves/Number 7

Finally, we have Christopher. He is actually a telekinetic cube of unknown origin with the power to cause intense cold and trigger panic attacks. Christopher is trustworthy and loyal, acts as an oracle for the Sparrows, and always tries to resolve the group’s conflicts.

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