“Strong personality”; Sormani pokes Thiago Silva and ‘asks’ Abel Ferreira’s team starter in the Brazilian National Team

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The journalist also highlighted the athlete’s excellent aerial ball

Photo: Alessandra Torres/AGIF
Photo: Alessandra Torres/AGIF

Palmeiras has been having an amazing season so far. Abel Ferreira’s team has only three defeats in the year. And one of the pillars of the team is defender Gustavo Gómez, who, in addition to being one of the best defenders in Brazilian football, is now in a top scorer phase. In the last three games in which he played as a starter, shirt 15 scored 4 goals.

The player’s good moment made some journalists hypothetically ask for the Paraguayan defender in the Brazilian team. Who tops this list is Flávio Sormani, from ESPN. The professional praised the Palmeirense captain and mentioned some characteristics that the athlete has that would be beneficial to Tite’s team, such as his strong personality, in addition to having one of the best aerial balls in the country.

“Is he worse than Marquinhos and Thiago Silva? I don’t think he’s inferior to Marquinhos or Thiago Silva. Of course, me looking at him here (in Brazil) and looking at both of them in the national team and there in European football. Not to mention that his aerial ball is very good… Marquinhos’ is too, but Thiago Silva’s not so much“said Sormani, who continued defending the Palmeirense captain in Tite’s selection during the F90 program.

“Another thing that, in my view, conspires in favor of Gómez: his personality is very strong. Thiago Silva is not. When the animal is catching it, it cries, it takes a penalty when it’s not to be done…”, the journalist concluded. Although it is a dream of many people, Gómez will not be able to wear hopscotch. This is because the player cannot have dual nationality and therefore become naturalized Brazilian, since in Paraguay this type of conduct is not allowed.

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