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Camila Queiroz leaves Globo after dismissal from “Verdades Secretas”

Successful in the helm of “Casamento as Cegas” alongside Klebber Toledo, Camila Queiroz is no longer a TV Globo contractor. At the end of last year, the actress became involved in a controversy and the network decided not to renew with her anymore.

In an official statement through her team, the actress justified her departure and dismissal from “Secret Truths”, which will not have a third season. “When she was invited to star in the continuation of the telenovela, the synopsis that was given to her was totally different from the directions that the story took after the beginning of the recordings. Even so, the actress continued recording confident that the content of the plot would be sent to the original ending that had been agreed upon from the beginning, as the company and its employees had promised all along,” he began.

In addition, Globo’s board of directors even sent the actress a pre-contract expressly expressing their interest in keeping her in the third season of Verdades Secretas as the protagonist. “However, the actress was surprised when she received the last scenes for recording, when she realized that the directions of the soap opera would in fact be changed. The actress understands that these latest events make it clear that the company tried to punish her exclusively for having taken the unilateral decision to readjust the format of its contract with TV Globo in the past, a decision that did not come from the company, as was disclosed at the time”, he concluded.

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