Chris Evans Says Goodbye to His iPhone 6s: “Rest In Peace”

If you are one of those people who gets upset every year that a iPhone new, feeling that he is falling behind (without the great technologies) with his “older” device, here is some news to console him: Chris Evans (yes, “Captain America”) was still using an iPhone 6s — and he explained why he is changing the device.

The actor, who was the protagonist of the series “In Defense of Jacob” and will be in a future production of Apple TV + alongside Scarlett Johansson, shared on twitter and on Instagram its saga.

In the caption, he says goodbye to the device with a “Rest in Peace, iPhone 6s”, stating that he will miss the Home button – which is not present on his new device, an iPhone 13.

He then recounted his struggle with his former tech partner, saying he won’t miss the “night battles trying to get you to charge” or even the “grainy shots” the device provided.

Plus, he shared a pain many of us have had when we’ve gone many years without switching iPhones: the sudden battery drops from 100% to 15%, then to completely dead within minutes. 😅

Well, you can’t say the iPhone 6s wasn’t a good companion, right?

Although the actor has changed his iPhone now, many other people continue to use the iPhone 6s, as we have already reported in this post written by a reader of the MacMagazine. By the way, considering that it cannot be updated to iOS 16, in this other post a reader shared if it is still worth using the device in 2022.

iPhone 7

Apparently, the “Captain” needed to see his device “die” to change it. And you, how often do you change? 😜

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